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Dear Prudence 17 October 2009

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For our anniversary, my dear husband purchased me an iPod Touch.  I had been lusting after them for quite some time, but I couldn’t justify needing one.  But with my upcoming trip to the Javelina Hunt, Kurt figured I could get some use out of having one.  So now I am a part of the iPod generation, after being so resistant for so many years.  When everyone else had first-generation iPods, I had a Rio Karma.  I loved that little thing, though.  30GB of space, and I had almost all my music loaded onto it with many, many gigs to spare.  My Everything playlist ran for several days.  It was awesome.

And me, I’m resistant to anything that everyone has.  If everyone loves this book, I tend not to read it.  The exception is the Harry Potter series, though I still haven’t seen any movie but the first one.   But I still haven’t read Twilight, and though I own a copy of it, The DaVinci Code languishes unread on my shelves.

Which meant I muddled along, iPod-less, for years and years.  In my defense, I have XM in both my minivan and my house, so it’s not like I’m suffering from a dearth of good music.  In fact, I spend my days bouncing between the 1940s swing station and BBC Radio 1 on my XM, with some 1990s alternative thrown in for good measure.

But now, with my new iPod, I can load my very favoritest albums and listen to my personal tunes while Kurt watches whatever random thing he’s interested in on the tv.  And I can take it with me to California and listen to it on the plane ride!  Even though, the last time I flew, I took Kurt’s Zune and didn’t use it hardly at all.  Go figure.

There are a few things you cannot get digitally through iTunes, though I am somewhat of a Luddite and prefer to have a true, hard-copy CD in my hot little hands, and not some digital rendition.  I have so many mp3s from college that are on zip drives.  Remember those things?  The disks that were a bit bigger than a 3.5″ floppy but held an amazing 128MB of data?  Yeah, I don’t own a computer anymore with a zip drive, so all those mp3s are pretty much dead to me.

Tonight I hied myself to Best Buy and purchased my very own copy of the Beatles’ White Album, seeing as I could not get my very favorite Beatles song, being “Dear Prudence,” any other way.  When I lived in Washington, the Seattle classic rock station had “Breakfast with the Beatles” every Sunday morning, and I’d lay in bed and hope they’d play “Dear Prudence.”  I don’t know why I love that song so; I just do.  I managed to pick up the 2009 remastered version of the White Album, and for a mere $13 to boot.  I do feel a little guilty that I didn’t go to the record shop downtown, but I wanted it tonight — and Best Buy is literally around the corner from my house.

Now I just need to get myself a new copy of Dave Matthews Band’s Under the Table and Dreaming, and I’ll be all set.  Best Buy didn’t have it tonight.  That floored me, but whatever.  We have a tiny Best Buy, and the music section is seriously shameful — yet another reason to patronize my local record shop.  I think I’ll do that tomorrow.

So what have you been up to this weekend?  I swear, I need a whole weekend to recover from my weekends.  Last night was the local high school’s Homecoming, and I’ve been accompanying my friend M to watch her stepson pummel the crap out of the other high school football teams in the area.  Before the game, we fortified ourselves with a couple of beers and a delicious meal at a bar downtown — Buffalo wings for me, Portuguese clams for her, and a pot of hand-cut fries with a smoked Gouda cheese sauce for us to share.  Seriously to die for, let me tell you.  And we needed that delicious food because it was in the 30s on the field with a stiff breeze.  I was wearing a wool sweater, a long-sleeved tee under that, jeans, knee-high socks, my Uggs, a heavy winter coat, gloves, a hat, and earmuffs — and I still needed to cover my lower half with a blanket.  I was actually fine once I was all covered, and I even donated my hat to another mom who had none, especially since I had my hood.  Once the game was over, our team maintaining their undefeated status, and we folded up the blankets, I lost all my body heat and nearly froze to death.  So M and I headed to the bar to warm up.  Even though it was almost stuffy there, to the point where I took off my wool sweater, my nether regions refused to warm up.  In fact, Kurt insisted my tush was still cold this morning when he was trying to snuggle with me.

Hey, like I can control where my body warmth goes!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about what I did today.  With photos, even!  Come on back — you know you want to.


7 Responses to “Dear Prudence”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Too funny, I am just like you. If the herd is doing something, I do something else! I let The DaVinci Code languish on my shelf for a few years, until Jake wanted to borrow it…then I hurried up and read it. Let me tell you, do not start that book unless you have time to read it uninterrupted…like on a plane.

    Once you start reading it, you will let your children go hungry, there could be an earthquake around you and you would barely acknowledge it, hell, I’ll bet you would skip an excellent dinner if it meant that you could keep reading it. I am dead serious. Just remember how alike our reading tastes are.

  2. Now we can tell you what songs you need to download! Best song: Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues by the Eels! Get it now! It’d be the perfect kick-off song for the Javelina Hunt!

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    psst. Don’t tell anyone but I have Under the Table and Dreaming. Do you want me to upload the songs and email the files to you?

  4. cardiogirl Says:

    p.s. The carnival ride on the cover is my absolute favorite ride in the world.

    Although I am always terrified, when I’m on it, that the swing is going to come unlatched and I will be catapulted to my death.

  5. LA Says:

    Since getting into my 40s my upper arms are always cold. The rest of me could be running sweat and still I have icy biceps. I’ve become one of those old ladies who takes a sweater everywhere in case the air conditioning is too chilly. ME! Ms Always Too Hot and now because of my wacky upper arms I’m a sweater wearin’ fogey.

    Much love from~ LA who doesn’t own an iPod but does have the White Album on cd, cassette, and vinyl.

  6. terri t. Says:

    Hey, I don’t have an IPod or much musicality to draw from….I live in a dearth of good music…mostly because I forget to turn on the radio or my CDs.

    And I second that on reading DaVinci Code….It is much better than the movie and you will be trying to solve the clues as you read the book… case you don’t remember what happened. Good one for the plane ride on Wednesday….. I finished The White Queen….see my blog for my review. I always take a stack of books/paperbacks on the plane ride just in case I get stranded…. (oh, please…no!)

  7. SJAT Says:

    I still avidly avoid the iPod. One day I will need to have music as I travel and when that day hits, I shall hire myself a mariachi band, for I shall not sup at the teat of iPod.

    Hee hee hee.

    “El Charro Mexicano” (ranchera-son)

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