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Gimme fuel gimme fire 23 October 2009

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And the Javelina Hunt is in full swing!!

I arrived last night at about 8:30pm local time, after a long flight all the way from Newark, NJ.  Actually I started in Providence and took a puddle-jumper to Newark.  When I had gotten the option to select my seat on that flight, I thought I was being smart by choosing the seat on the left side, which was the only seat on that side in that row, it being such a tiny plane.  But the bulkhead sloped so sharply on the left side that there was no room for my leg.  I would have been perfectly comfortable if I could have removed my left leg from the knee down, but alas, I have a perfectly functioning leg, and that isn’t an option I have.

The flight from Newark, while super, super long, was quite uneventful — aside from passing Air Force One as we taxied down the runway.  No, I didn’t see President Obama, but I did see a mess of black-suited men underneath the plane, milling around rather aimlessly.

My seatmate for the long flight was a Scottish woman, fresh from Edinburgh and on vacation with her husband.  Her plans included a couple of days in San Diego, followed by a cruise down through Central America and the Panama Canal and up to Baltimore.  I have to admit to a bit of jealousy because WOW how cool of a vacation would that be??  I fell in love with her accent, of course.  She told me all about where she lives in Scotland, and how her kids all have homes on her “wee” farm there.  I kept hoping she would keep saying “wee” throughout the conversation, and she unknowingly obliged me.  I just couldn’t get enough of the way she spoke.  Of course, she told me I had an accent too.


Beanie met me at the airport, so excited to finally meet me after all these years.  And not long after we made it back to her apartment, her Mr D arrived too — and on his motorcycle to boot!  As if that weren’t exciting enough, then Rosie showed up to spend the evening with us.  It was a lot of laughing and talking and joking and giggling and story-telling, all while I tried to prop my eyes open as best as I could.  By the time, my body was screaming for sleep, having slept poorly the night before, and dealing with the three-hour time difference between Rhode Island and California.  Finally I curled up on my bed for the weekend and passed out.  I heard nothing once I fell asleep, not even the pump for the air mattress that Rosie employed to blow up her bed for the night.

This morning we lazed around a bit, each on a computer, and enjoyed fresh coffee and toasted bagels while we slowly came awake.  We needed to conserve energy for our fun-filled afternoon, in which we visited the auto museum, Trader Joe’s, and Old Town.  And of course, even more laughter and silliness and story-telling ensued — because what else will happen when you put six fun-loving women together?

We also made some headway on SJAT’s assignment for our photo scavenger hunt, so I will post the photos I have thus far:

First we have Three Fruit Together:

Three fruit together

I do believe that qualifies, being a pineapple, a mango, and a papaya. I’m pretty sure that’s a papaya, anyhow.

Next up, Unusually Colored Food:

Unusually colored food

I suppose it’s not that unusual, but isn’t it so that there isn’t any truly blue food? I mean, blueberries are actually purple.

The next one was too easy once we hit Old Town. Garish Colors:

Garish colors

Can’t get much more garish than that!! They’re Guatemalan fabrics, which I love because my brother is Guatemalan too. He’s not quite so garishly colored, however. That photo was taken in a store in Old Town in which the six of us wandered around, shooting anything and everything that caught our eye — until a woman told us after we left the store that photos were not allowed. Well. How about telling us while we’re taking photos??

Our next photo is Aircraft in Flight:

Aircraft in flight

I love taking photos of contrails, especially when the sunlight hits them just so.

And last but not least for today, we have Red Plant:

Red plant

I have no idea what kind of flower this is, but it sure is pretty!!

Tomorrow we meet Big Sister for breakfast, and then Terri and Beanie and I will go to Seaport Village and Balboa Park while Poolie and Yankee Chick visit the hair stylist’s.  I am sure more fun is in store for us!


6 Responses to “Gimme fuel gimme fire”

  1. SJAT Says:

    Headway indeed. Fabulous. Knew we’d see nice pics from our resident photographic genius.

  2. LA Says:

    Sighing wistfully and blowing kisses. ~LA

  3. karmacat Says:

    The pretty red flower looks like a hibiscus.

    Have fun!

  4. cocoabean Says:

    This is actually Rosie…and Karmacat is right, it’s a hibiscus!

  5. poolagirl Says:

    We had more fun tonight than should be allowed by law. You ALMOST needed Depends! Almost! We’ll get you sooner or later!

  6. ExMi Says:

    that photo for ‘garish colors’ is AMAZING. absolutely stunning.



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