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Scavenger hunt! 27 October 2009

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So now I am back in the land of fall foliage and grey skies.  The tree in my front yard went from some red leaves against mostly green to being covered in orange-yellow leaves.  I think I missed the height of the fall beauty during the six days I was in San Diego.  But oh, was it worth it!

I have posted some of my photos from the scavenger hunt in my earlier post, but for ease of judging by our own SJAT, I shall repost all my photos here in this entry.  If you’d like to see any of them larger, click on the photo to be taken to Flickr.



Surprised wild animal:

Surprised wild animal

Red plant:

Red plant

Pirate flag:

Pirate flag!

Something fluffy:

Something fluffy
(Doesn’t Meg look lovely in her boa??)

Unusually colored food:

Unusually colored food

Person waving:

Three people waving!

Three fruit together:

Three fruit together

Something on fire:

Something on fire

Clown trousers:

Clown trousers

A bagel:

A bagel

Someone dancing:

Someone dancing

Sealions playing:

Sealions playing

A figure of authority:

A figure in authority

Tacky statue (I actually have two submissions over at Flickr):

Tacky statue part 2

Garish colors:

Garish colors

A Princess!

A Princess!

Someone asleep:

Someone sleeping

Aircraft in flight:

Aircraft in flight



And last but certainly not least, a (pirate) javelina!



8 Responses to “Scavenger hunt!”

  1. yankee-chick Says:

    OMG!!! The “princess” is priceless! You are the clever one, Blue! LOL

  2. poolagirl Says:

    You are so far ahead of me! Your photos are great!

  3. terri t. Says:

    No need for my photos…you are a sure winner.

    It was great to see the gathering through your eyes….great photos and already I am missing everyone.

  4. cocoabean Says:

    I wasn’t asleep, my eyes were closed!

  5. I always knew I was something fluffy…just thought it was my brain up ’till now =D Still need to get my pics uploaded! Will send them on as soon as I have.

  6. […] Try those of Zenandchocolate or of Poolagirl or resident camera queen Bluesleepy […]

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