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Soaking up the sun 25 November 2009

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Yes, I’m still here, though busy busy busy.  We’re in Tucson right now, staying with the in-laws at their lovely home.  It’s been great.  I love not having to worry about the kids 24/7, and to have the ability to leave them with their grandparents for a few hours or the day or what-have-y0u.  My in-laws love these kids so much, and taking care of them is no big deal.  My mother-in-law even changes diapers!!  I mean, she won’t volunteer or anything for it, but this morning when ME needed a diaper change, she rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

See, there are a lot of people staying here, and the only room large enough to also accommodate the kids is the master suite.  So the kids are sleeping with my in-laws.  This works out for everyone involved, since the kids like to get up early, and my in-laws are morning people.  Generally we’re up not long after everyone else, but it’s nice not to have to worry.

Grace has been mostly good throughout the trip.  Every once in a while, her attitude really flares up, and it’s then that I want to sell her on eBay.  Fortunately it’s only every once in a while.  ME, on the other hand… I don’t know where my sweet, quiet baby has gone.  It started on the plane.  The first leg from Providence to Chicago went fine, mainly because we had gotten up at 3am to catch our 6am flight, and it was just too early in the morning for everyone.  I had Grace pillowed on my lap, and ME had her own seat (yay for flights that aren’t full!), and she passed out too.  The flight from Chicago to Tucson — ugh.  By then ME was done being in her car seat (yay for another not-full flight!), and every so often she would shriek in annoyance.  Yes, we were one of those families with the shrieking kid.  But at least she wasn’t going on and on.  Her screams are pretty ear-piercing, though, and every time she fussed, I wanted to die.

She can be a trial, that one.

The night before last, she woke up screaming too.  The whole house woke up because of her shrieking.  My in-laws ended up bringing her to bed with them to try to calm her.  I was in no condition to take care of her, having had way too many margaritas with my mother-in-law (note to self: do not let one’s brother-in-law pour the tequila).  Good thing she was in my in-laws’ room.  She settled down eventually, but it was really strange. She’s not one to wake up in the middle of the night.  My father-in-law has a theory — he thinks she’s waking up because the coyotes are out and howling, and it sets off the million dogs that live in this neighborhood.  The first night we were here, I woke up several times when the coyotes began to howl because it sounded like the baby was crying, and then the dogs began barking at top volume.  It’s not something my East Coast ears are used to.  Last night we had the window shut, so we didn’t hear anything.  My in-laws can’t sleep without some air flow, so maybe ME heard the coyotes again last night.  Poor girl.  My mother-in-law also thinks maybe she’s teething, so we’ve picked up some meds for her in case she fusses some more.

So I’m not exactly looking forward to the flights home, especially considering that the flight from Las Vegas to Providence will be six long hours.  Maybe I’ll just let Kurt sit next to her and pretend to be all outraged that this father is letting his kid shriek all the way to Providence.


I am loving the sun here, though.  It’s so weird to go outside and have it be 75º in November!  I didn’t bring enough warm-weather clothing for ME, mainly because she’s outgrown all her clothes from last summer, but also because I completely forgot how warm 75º can feel.  Off we went to Walmart, only to be confronted with long-sleeved turtlenecks and sweatpants.  WTF?!  Then again, 75º is positively chilly for native Tucsonans.  In December, when the daytime temps drop into the low 70s and high 60s, everyone’s decked out in ski coats and hats and gloves.  It’s pretty funny to those of us who live in a climate that’s actually cold.  Kurt and I will be running around in shorts and t-shirts, and everyone else is bundled up.

We managed to find some cute dresses and warm-weather gear at Goodwill for ME, so she’s been cool enough.  Thank goodness for second-hand stores!

I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving.  We have three professional chefs  in the family, and we’re having a cooking competition.  Each chef has to prepare a turkey, a veggie, and a starch — and we’ve got some non-family members coming to the meal to judge their entries.  I know some of what my brother-in-law is contributing, and if the other two chefs’ food is up to his level, we’ll all be eating quite well this holiday.  My brother-in-law made dinner last night, a roasted spice-rubbed pork tenderloin, that was absolutely to die for.  And yesterday we’d visited the University of Arizona’s research facility at which they investigate how well veggies can be grown hydroponically, and they gave us a bunch of cucumbers and tomatoes that needed to be eaten.  My brother-in-law chopped them up and tossed them with sliced garlic, red onion, and a balsamic dressing — and it was to die for.  Soooo good.  I had at least three helpings of that salad last night.

Today we’re having lunch at the bistro run by the culinary school Kurt’s cousin attends, so we’ll be having a delicious meal then too.  I’m going to come home six sizes larger than what I left!  But oh, it’ll be worth it.  Nom!


6 Responses to “Soaking up the sun”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    Maybe ME is having ear trouble.. all that going up and down in the planes, you know. Glad you made it and it’s nice to have you so close, even if I’m not there!

  2. terri t. Says:

    It sounds like a culinary delight territory you have gone to….thanksgiving ought to be amazing and last all weekend. Hope ME feels better soon….I bet she Is teething…sometimes those little teeth can really hurt as they break through…..

    My son used to get a severe diaper rash for no reason except he was teething…..

    Good luck on fitting into your clothes when it is time to go home….

  3. Rosie Says:

    Dang, I wonder if I have enough time to catch up with you to have coffee at least while you are out here again!
    Let me know if you think you have even an hour or two free.

  4. acridfemme Says:

    Here in WI this past weekend it was about 50-ish and I was fine in a t-shirt and jeans. A family visiting from FL was at the local Pick n Save (I made small talk) they were all bundled in sweatshirts and coats. (June even hung laundry outside that day!)

  5. SJAT Says:

    Sounds like you’re having a good time, Blue. I shall dream of Tucson while I stare out of my window at the freezing rain.

  6. Isn’t it gorgeous here this time of year? I have been sucking up this gorgeous cool weather we’re having! I’m not the bundle-up-in-70-degrees type, though I’ll admit once it drops to the low 60’s I’m not going to turn away a sweater. Glad you’re enjoying your trip.

    As to ME, I’m inclined to agree with cocoabean. When ME started fussing on the plane it really suggested to me that the altitude was messing with her ears. If she’s still on the bottle it might not be a bad idea to even spring for a pacifier. It will help her from that uncomfortable feeling behind her middle ears.

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