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We come in peace 5 December 2009

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Ahhh it’s so good to be home.  I loved our vacation to Arizona, and I especially loved the wonderful weather, but it’s nice to be back in my own bed, surrounded by my own stuff, and able to be on our own schedule.  Miss GraciePoo may not agree with me.  She no longer has Grandma around to give her anything she may want, and she’s rebelling against that a wee bit.  Tonight’s battle involved eating her dinner.  I know kids refuse to eat sometimes because the only things they can control is what goes in and what comes out, but since we’ve never once had issues with her eating, it’s a frustrating thing.  It’s pretty sad when a 15-month-old eats twice as much in half the time as a five-year-old.

Also, Grace is getting a wee bit thin.  Seriously, I never thought I’d give birth to a thin child, but thin she is.  In fact, she takes a slim size in her pants because regulars are just too big on her.  So she doesn’t have a huge reserve to rely on when she doesn’t eat, like Kurt and I do.  I get that she isn’t going to starve, and she’ll eat when she gets hungry, but it’s still worrisome.  See also: frustrating.  We’ve just never had to deal with it before.  And now all of a sudden we’re getting, “Oh, I don’t like this.”  Kid, you ate three helpings of it yesterday.  Hush your mouth and just eat already!


This week has been full of catch-up.  (Not ketchup, mind; I’m not terribly fond of ketchup.  In fact, during the whole of 7th grade I didn’t even eat it on my fries.  True story.)  Grace is back in school, thank goodness, and swim lessons too, while Kurt’s getting caught up on all the work he missed.  Me, I’m trying to get motivated to get back into the housework groove, but it’s hard after having a week-and-a-half vacation of not having to be responsible for anything at all.

That said, I do have my house (sort of ) decorated for Christmas!  The tree is up and decorated with all the lovely ornaments that I’ve acquired over the years, most of which come from an ornament swap involving some of my dearest friends.  The bell wreath is on my front door, but I still need to find the garland that adorns the door itself.  And I really need a new tree topper.  I have this old topper that dates from the 1970s, one that features an angel surrounded by a circular gold wreath in which are set gold mini-bulbs.  It doesn’t work anymore, though.  I may have to get my own personal electrician to look at it, though I think he did a few years back and told me he couldn’t fix it.  It’s a shame; it’s actually rather pretty.

I even have the stockings hung with the care, though not from the mantle.  I stuck some hooks in the wall and used them to hang the stockings.  I thought we were going to have to get a new one for ME this year, but instead we found one shaped like a cowboy boot in Arizona!  It was perfect for Grace, especially since she is now the proud owner of her own pair of pink cowboy boots, courtesy of  Grandma and Grandpa.  Now it just remains to find some awesome stocking stuffers.  I may just donate Kurt’s and my stockings to my parents, or buy them their own.  How cool would it be to make up some fun stockings for my parents while they’re here?

Or am I the only one who thinks that would be a good idea?  My dad’s sort of anti-Christmas.  Bah.

But speaking of all things Arizonan, while in Tucson I was able to meet up with our own lovely Rosie, who drove up from Tombstone to meet the kids and Kurt and have lunch with us.  And she brought me books!!  Not that I need more books, but there’s nothing I like better than being given some books a friend has enjoyed.  We had such a lovely time, and Gracie still wants to know when we’re going to hang out with Miss Rosie again.

Next up, Christmas!  Are you ready?!


9 Responses to “We come in peace”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    I wish I could have driven down to see you, too. Unfortunately I owe, I owe, so off to work I go. Constantly, it seems like!

  2. Katastrophe Says:

    I remember when my son went through that stage of refusing to eat so he could have some control. My first instinct was to just sit down with him and get him to eat. Like your Miss GraciePoo he was (and still is) a skinny kid with no extra reserves of body fat on him, so I went through that same worry as you.
    But then I realized that I’d already given myself the tip on how to change this situation. He wanted to control something, and I gave it to him. I gave him a selection of choices that I could prepare for dinner. Always making certain that the selection were viable. I also got him to help me make dinner, especiallon on those meals that he was iffy on eating. Once he put the time and effort into preparing and got all proud of it, he would gobble it down without any battle at all.
    I figure if they’re fighting with me to gain some control in their lives, why not let them have a little. It worked out very well.

    • bluesleepy Says:

      That’s what surprised me about this power struggle. I try really hard to let her have a reasonable amount of control over her life. I let her pick out her own clothes (whether they match or not!) because it’s not a big deal to me how she looks, as long as she’s warm enough. I let her pick out how she wants her hair done most of the time. And this food thing is so new, just since we were in AZ because she saw her second cousins being super picky and not eating. Gahhh.

      But I will try this cooking-with-her thing. We do cook together pretty often, and I enjoy it.

  3. purple chai Says:

    The most important thing is not to let her see that it bothers you. If my kids refused to eat something, I would say “Oh okay, more for me,” and let it go. What they really want is power over you, and if she sees that not eating gets results from you — attention, worry, whatever — she’ll drop it. Offer her reasonable choices, remind her that the house rule is that she has to eat something, so she has to pick a choice, and if she doesn’t eat it, let it go. It’s a game to her, so not playing is generally your best option for ending it sooner than later.

  4. terri t. Says:

    I was going to suggest having Grace help you cook dinner too….and watch any snacks during the day. If she won’t eat at mealtime; she doesn’t get any treats or snacks. I expect she will start eating again soon. My niece was like that…she could 3 hotdogs at one time when she was 2 years old and then not eat for days….

    What if you asked her what she would like for dinner a couple of nights a week…would that help?
    Lucky you to see Rosie and to get books too.

  5. sleepyjane Says:

    I am SO not ready, but ready or not…it’s a comin’. I’m going to start packing soon and I’m sad that yet again I won’t be able to decorate a tree…what’s the use putting one up if I have to pack it up soon after?

    Anyway – I’m glad you guys had a good vacay. 🙂

  6. Kitty Says:

    LOL at the stockings on the wall. I did that too!! Except I used nails. I should put up a picture later so you can see. Happy St. Nick’s, BTW.

  7. SJAT Says:

    Lordy, I really must do something in preparation for Christmas other than get out my traditional humbug.

  8. LA Says:

    Wolf’s always eaten like an anaconda- a huge meal and then coasts for days. I used to break my head and heart about it and there were tears and wars and all sorts of fret, but finally I learned to leave him alone and let his body eat as it demanded. Alex was such a chow hound I could not believe his brother could be such an air fern. But now Wolf’s 12 and just fine. So, you are far wiser a mom than I was when my boys were little. Well done. ~LA

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