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No one makes me feel this way 24 January 2010

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I’m sitting here watching the game, hoping and wishing that the Saints win because the Saints versus the Colts (with my boyfriend Peyton Manning) in the Super Bowl would just be the greatest in my world.  I even had Gracie rooting for “the golds” instead of “the whites.”

At least it’s an exciting game.  I know I probably speak blasphemy when I say that I’d rather a game be interesting to watch than be  a blow-out.  I don’t want my team of choice to crush the other team.  I’d rather they win by a touchdown or a field goal, just enough to make it worth watching the whole game.  I lose interest during blow-outs.

There.  I said it.

Can you believe that there are such things as farmers’ markets in the wintertime?  I had no idea, till I ran across it somehow.  I’m not even sure how, except that I have them marked down on my calendar.  I’ve been meaning to go since they started up in late November, but between trips to Tucson and family  visiting for Christmas and wedding weekends, I just haven’t had a free Saturday to go.  Friday night I woke Kurt up as he snoozed beside me in bed and informed him of my decision to investigate these farmers’ markets.  Of course, he has zero recollection of this — now you know why I never wake him up unless I can help it!

The first farmers’ market was over in North Kingstown, in the basement of an old textile mill.  Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts are littered with these old mills.  Some are abandoned, but some have been renovated and made into office space or apartments or even commercial stores.  One of my favorite antique stores up in New Bedford is in a building that used to be part of the Wamsutta mill complex.


This is one of those abandoned mills, this one just off the exit ramp off I-195 to Rt. 24 in Massachusetts.  I always look for it as we’re coming home from Providence (yes, you go through another state to get to Newport from Providence — one of the oddities of living in such a tiny state) because I find the sign so charming.

So we arrived at the farmers’ market in North Kingstown to be greeted by rollicking music and many delicious fresh foods crammed into a relatively small space.  I grabbed a locally roasted coffee and taste-tested so much local cheese that I lost my appetite for lunch.  But it was all so good!  They even had a chocolate goat cheese, which was rather interesting in its flavor.  Kurt found it rather appalling, but Grace really wanted me to bring it home with us.  I couldn’t, though.  What would I use it for?  Just a spread?  I have so many condiments, I really do.  The last thing I need is yet one more.

In the middle of the market were two gents providing the rollicking music.  One was on guitar, while the other sang and played the accordion.  These guys were good; I really wish I’d taken some video to share with you.  I didn’t even think to ask the name they play under!  Maybe they’ll be back next week.  They were accepting tips to donate to Haiti, which I found to be a very sweet gesture.

We didn’t buy much at that farmers’ market, however.  Kurt found a blue cheese that was really yummy, but another couple was hoping to take home the last slice, so we let them have it.  The vendor was kind enough to give us the rest of the samples for free in thanks.

However, the same dairy was present at the other farmers’ market up in Pawtucket, which we also visited yesterday, so we were able to get our own slice of that scrumptious blue cheese as well.  That second market, also in an old mill, was absolutely huge, and there were so many vendors that it felt like I was walking into Pike Place up in Seattle — and there were almost as many people there!  We managed to score excellent deals on fresh parsnips and carrots, while Kurt procured some locally-made salsa and I got a new jar of dill beans.  We also managed to find lunch there, from a woman who runs a crêperie in Providence.  We haven’t had crêpes since we left Washington.  Every so often when we still lived in Poulsbo, we’d head down to Kingston, right at the ferry dock, and buy delicious crêpes from a little store right there in front of the ferry terminal.  I didn’t even realize there would be a crêperie here in Rhode Island, with the strong Portuguese influence.  Yesterday’s selection was just spinach and mozzarella on a buckwheat crêpe, but it was so delicious that I could have eaten two, maybe three!

I might just have to head up to Providence soon to visit this crêperie.

And now to find recipes to utilize all these delicious fresh foods.  Yummmm.


5 Responses to “No one makes me feel this way”

  1. Oooh, spinach and mozarella sounds heavenly! I can even eat it, LOL. (And might – tomorrow)

  2. SJAT Says:

    It’s names like Pawtucket that are really evocative of New England. Fabulous.

  3. poolagirl Says:

    It certainly was a good game! Even I watched it – and I never watch football.

  4. terri t. Says:

    your adventure to the farmers markets sounds delicious…..don’t know why but husband and I never do things like that…guess it is because he is such a basic eater…doesn’t like anything adventurous in the food dept.

  5. twistygirl Says:

    I love going to the Farmer’s markets, it’s always such a peaceful experience for me, like I can just forget about the city for a while

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