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Every time I try so hard 4 February 2010

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I am so hyped up on caffeine right now.  I had three cups of coffee this morning, followed up with a specialty drink at the coffee shop, and then a cup of lapsang souchong tea.  I love that stuff; it smells So Good.  I had some for the first time at one of the tea rooms in Newport a few weeks ago.  It tasted like drinking a campfire, but in a totally good way.  I didn’t even add sugar, and I usually have to add the tiniest bit to make it more palatable.  So when I stopped in at the tea shop today, I had to get my own lapsang souchong.  It didn’t taste as strongly of campfire, though it certainly smelled that way.  I’m going to steep it for longer next time.

The specialty drink I got at the tea & coffee shop today??  SO GOOD.  Apparently they have this beverage called “caffeine addict,” which seems to be a cold-brewed coffee.  So they took that beverage and mixed it with milk and spicy hot chocolate.  The drink is called 3rd Degree Burn, with good reason!  It’s super spicy, but oh so good.  It’s my new favorite drink.

Considering the fact that I normally have just two to three cups of coffee a day, I’m really wired at the moment.  I feel like I can run a marathon, but at the same time I’m getting a wee bit of a headache.  I foresee copious quantities of water in my future.

At the moment I’ve got dinner in hand.  I’m making salmon croquettes, a new recipe because I’m kind of tired of our normal Cajun salmon cakes.  They’re really delicious, if the flavor of them raw is anything to go by.  I made them up already because the reviews mentioned that sometimes they fall apart as you cook them, and chilling them usually solves that problem.  They didn’t have any problem coming together, so I’m sort of surprised that others were finding that they fell apart.  Also on the menu is roasted zucchini (Mary Ellen’s favorite — no lie!), and parsley potatoes.  I don’t know what it is, but parsley potatoes are just delicious.  All I do is boil up diced potatoes, and when they’re soft, I toss them with butter and fresh parsley.  Super easy, yet super delicious.  It’s one of my comfort food items.  My real mom used to make parsley potatoes quite frequently, and every time I smell fresh parsley, that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

I sort of want to substitute cilantro one time to see if that would be just as delicious.  But another part of me doesn’t want to fix something that ain’t broke.

Hmmm.  Decisions, decisions.

Why is cilantro such a polarizing ingredient?!  Did you know there is a Facebook group devoted to the abhorrence of cilantro?  Me, I’m on the other end of the spectrum.  You can never have too much cilantro in my world, but I know so many people that cannot even stand the slightest taste of it.  It just tastes so fresh and green to me.

I can’t think of anything else that inspires such a love/hate relationship.  I know people who don’t eat meat, but I have yet to meet someone who loves meat the way cilantro fans love cilantro.  I know folks who don’t eat veggies, but I haven’t met someone who loves veggies.  You know?

Speaking of veggies, I don’t get the people who say they don’t like vegetables.  How can you say that?  I understand if you don’t like a particular vegetable, but how do you lump all veggies together when they taste so different?  A carrot tastes nothing like a potato, which tastes nothing like cabbage.  Heck, cauliflower and broccoli don’t even taste the same.  Green beans and peas are nothing like turnips or beets.  I haven’t really met a vegetable I don’t like, though I don’t really like to eat raw broccoli.  But steamed just this side of raw with a wee bit of butter and some seasoning — now that’s yummy!  Carrots I can do either steamed or raw.  Parsnips are delicious roasted or even just pan-sauteed and steamed with carrots, then dressed with a wee bit of sugar and butter.  Zucchini is amazing when it’s roasted and browned at high heat in the oven.  Yummm.

Look, I don’t like lamb.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like meat!  (Sorry, Poolie.)  I do like meat; there are just some kinds of meat, some methods of preparing it, that I don’t care for.  So I stick to what I do like.  This means I only eat lamb when it’s part of a gyro, less the raw onions.  Nom.

Then again, I’m the non-pickiest person you’ll ever meet when it comes to food.  My dad likes to say he’s never met a food he doesn’t like, and I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


5 Responses to “Every time I try so hard”

  1. poolagirl Says:

    Cilantro is the food of the gods. Period. End.

  2. SJAT Says:

    When I was about 17 I used to go round to a friend’s house and have an East Asian evening occasionally. We’d play Go, listen to Tibettan Bell music and drink Lapsang Souchong. And occasionally sake too. God, I was weird.

    • karmacat Says:

      I’ve not heard of these cilantro haters. This is strange and new to me and almost as perplexing as those who do not like chocolate. What’s next, salt haters?

  3. Rosie Says:

    Ahem. I will be looking up the facebook group later, for as we all know, I despise cilantro. It has such a nasty flat taste to it, and it ruins all it touches.

    However, I do also love, love, love Lapsang Souchon. I’ve been drinking it since I found a tin of it in the cupboard when I was about 14. Good stuff Maynard!

  4. cardiogirl Says:

    I don’t know why that is either, but I can’t stand cilantro. The only time I run into it is in salsa. And when it’s in there I have to turn away with a bare chip in my hand.

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