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Tripping the light fantastic 8 February 2010

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Um, actually, therein lies the problem.  We are certainly not tripping the light fantastic.

Our wonderful, super bright, lovely, illuminating, ancient (and no longer sold) halogen floor lamp has finally shit the bed.  Oh, sure, Kurt could jerry-rig a fix, as he’s been doing for at least the last two years, but I’m starting to be concerned about fire with this lamp.  When it started browning out last night after the Super Bowl (what a fabulous game, eh???), Kurt informed me that it was because it had suffered a charlie fire.


We are not among the idiots that leave flammable and inflammable (I love that those two words mean the same thing) things near the halogen, which explains why we’ve managed not to burn our house down, though this lamp has seen four residences of Kurt’s over the last fifteen years or so.  There’s never been any draperies or soft furniture nearby.  As a result, it has given us years and years and years of trusty service.

Oh, we’ve tried to replace the darn thing.  I, being the worry-wart that I am, am fully aware of why these things are never sold.  They get super, super hot, and are therefore a fire hazard.  But because they get super, super hot, they also give off this wonderful bright light.

Kurt and I are not moles.  We love lots and lots of light when it’s dark outside.  This is why Kurt installed a down light above my work station in the kitchen, and why I almost always also have the light on above the sink.  I want to see what I am doing, darn it!  I go over to my friend M’s house, and though she has the exact same house I do (same layout and everything), her kitchen is dark and depressing because she doesn’t have that extra down light.

Right now my living room is lit solely by two table lamps on either side of the room, and each features a 100w lightbulb.  Actually we have the squirrelly lightbulbs installed, so I’m guessing it’s more like 23w, but their output is rated to 100w.  I feel nearly blind in here.  It’s so dark!  It’s almost depressing.  Gah!

I guess I got used to having such bright light because I would stitch while we watched tv at night.  You can’t stitch in dim lighting and hope to keep your eyesight.  I don’t like watching tv in the dark, and I certainly do not like using my laptop without enough ambient lighting.  It hurts my eyes.

So after dinner tonight, which was a delicious modified rendition of Chicken Under a Brick, we headed off to the Christmas Tree Shoppes to see what was to be had.  I love the  Christmas Tree Shoppes.  My two table lamps came from there, as did my little coat storage rack with a storage bench underneath, plus countless little decorating touches.  The Christmas Tree Shoppes are sort of like a Big Lots, but a tiny bit nicer, and regulated to home decor with some weird food items thrown in.  It’s a great place to decorate on the cheap.

We knew halogen lamps were out of the question, unfortunately.  They haven’t sold them in the United States in years.  So I found this lovely glass-topped floor lamp for a mere $25.  I grabbed the box underneath the lamp, trolled the store for other unnecessary items, and checked out.  Then I ran by Walmart to grab a three-way squirrelly lightbulb.

It wasn’t till I got home that I started reading the box.  What was this “silver” they spoke of?  The floor model I saw had no silver.  It was black with an upturned glass shade.  But since the box also mentioned “glass,” I continued to open it.

The light  in the box did not look anything like the picture on the box.  And it looked not one whit like the light I thought we had bought!

Fortunately, I have a lovely husband who offered to go back to the Christmas Tree Shoppes to return it for me.  He couldn’t find the light we’d picked out, but the store employees offered to sell him the floor model — with a 20% discount!  He had to fix the darn light before they gave him the discount; apparently the employees had put it together wrong.

So now I’m here in my living room, with it feeling somewhat less cave-like, though it is quite a change to go from a 300w halogen bulb to a 150w-rated squirrelly bulb. At least now I won’t have to worry about the house suffering a major conflagration because of the halogen lightbulb spontaneously exploding into a ball of fire.

See??  I always find the silver lining.


7 Responses to “Tripping the light fantastic”

  1. poolagirl Says:

    I love my halogen lamp and will cry copious tears when it breaks!

  2. *Ahem* I thought you returned the silver lining 😉

  3. cocoabean Says:

    We sell lots of halogen bulbs….

    • bluesleepy Says:

      Oh yes, halogen bulbs are easy to come by. The cheapest place to buy them is the Rhode Island version of Big Lots, where they’re something like a dollar for a two-pack. But you cannot buy an actual halogen lamp anywhere. It’s a bummer.

  4. SJAT Says:

    Funny how I’m sat so close to a Halogen heater while reading this…

  5. terri t. Says:

    We used to have those Halogen lights too….but when we moved, I guess we gave them away. Worried about the heat factor since our son (at the time) wasn’t too tidy in his bedroom! LOL

    I turn on the bright lights in the kitchen too and in the laundry area when I was putting clothes in the washer. I want to SEE…..

    And we use at least 150 lightbulbs in the living room. I don’t like those new environmentally safe bulbs at all…they snap and pop and brown out so we use the regular ones… Besides it takes too long for them to get up to the brightness they are supposed to provide for my liking.

  6. sleepyjane Says:

    I also like light, lots and lots of light! But usually J walks through our place turning everything off because we’re “wasting electricity” which I totally get, but…then I put everything back on again anyway.

    I really like light!!

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