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She’s a fistful of dynamite 23 February 2010

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Kurt’s away for a few days on a business trip for the Navy.  The class goes on this trip every nine weeks, but it’s been quite a while since Kurt’s had to accompany them.  This trip is already better than the last one; I haven’t had to visit the ER late at night like I did back when I was pregnant with ME, and Grace woke up with a clogged salivary duct.  I don’t mind him being gone; a little bit of distance is good for the soul on occasion.

That, and somehow there is far less housework to do when he’s gone.  I don’t mean that he makes a mess that he expects me to clean up because he’s pretty good about straightening his own mess.  I guess I feel a lot less obligated to do housework when he’s not home.  There isn’t anyone to “check up on me,” as it were.  It’s all self-imposed, of course, because Kurt really couldn’t care less whether I fold the laundry the same day I wash it or not, and he never makes me feel guilty if I take a lazy day.

The problem is I tend to become a hermit when he’s not home.  It just seems to be so difficult to get out of the house without his help with the kids, and I am utterly spoiled in that he’ll “let” me head out to the store or wherever with just Grace or even by myself while he stays home with the girls.  And if I need something picked up at the commissary, he stops by for me since he has to drive past it to get home.  As a result, there are loads of days where I don’t really go anywhere but to Grace’s school and to swim lessons on base, and I sort of enjoy that.

Today I decided, at the last moment, to combat my hermit tendencies.  I took the kids out to lunch at my favorite diner, and then we headed to downtown Newport, where I picked up some much-needed facial primer and my new favorite coffee drink, called a Third Degree Burn.  This stuff is deeeeelicious.  It’s cold-brewed coffee, steamed milk, and spicy hot chocolate.  And when I say spicy, I mean spicy. I’m sort of scared to think of how much cayenne must be in this drink, but it’s oh so good.  The only tiny problem is I can’t share it with Grace.  She loves coffee, and she loves hot chocolate, but she cannot stomach the spicy.

All the more for me!

I only wish I had spent more time downtown, but it was damn cold.  The temperature wasn’t that low, but the humidity was high and the winds were pretty strong.  The kids were warm enough in their winter coats, but I thought it was warmer than it was, so I had just thrown on a fleece over my t-shirt.  Brrrr.

So the early interventionist came yesterday to work with ME for the first time.  Our first appointment was supposed to be last Thursday, but I had read my calendar wrong and went out to breakfast with Kurt and his co-workers instead.  Oops.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect with the interventionist, but she got right down on the floor with ME and played with her.  It’s amazing how much kids learn through play!  The interventionist was also highly impressed with how dexterous she is and how tenacious as well.  ME will sit there and play with something, trying to figure out how it works, till she understands it completely.  She doesn’t just throw it down in frustration after a few seconds.  At one point, the interventionist gave her some plastic Easter eggs, and ME tried and tried and tried to get the eggs open after she found out they had toys inside.  Finally she brought one over to me and signed, “Help please.”  The interventionist about fell over in surprise that ME was signing so well, as well as putting two signs together.

But ME is still perfectly happy not speaking.  She’s getting much better at communicating, and that was my goal when I called the early interventionists.  In fact, she just walked over to me, handed me a toy she was having trouble with, and signed, “Help please” completely on her own.

She is one smart cookie, I have to give her that.

She may have said her first word this weekend, on my birthday, in fact!  We were  in the antique store, and she kept pointing at cat figurines and saying, “Keee.  Keee!”  Maybe that was her first word, trying to say, “kitty.”  One can hope that “momma” and “daddy” isn’t far behind.


5 Responses to “She’s a fistful of dynamite”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    Woot! One down, many more to go!!

  2. poolagirl Says:

    That is great news! And yes, you have remarkably intelligent children. Good knocks for the hot chocolate drink. You deserve something special like that!

  3. terri t. Says:

    I think that is amazing…so much progress in one “lesson”….sounds like she will do just fine. She’s obviously very intelligent….it will be interesting to see what the interventionist thinks after a few more sessions.

  4. SJAT Says:

    I am soooo going to have to try this Third Degree Burn thing!

  5. Chelle Says:

    That is such great news, Karyl! I am sure she will be saying “mommy” and “daddy” and a whole lot more in no time.

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