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Beware… 15 March 2010

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It may be payday for all the military people out there, but it’s also the Ides of March.  Don’t fret; I managed not to be stabbed in the back.  But my day wasn’t much better.

Last Thursday ME had her well-baby checkup.  Good thing, too, as the poor kid had woken up in the middle of the night with a barking cough.  Her pediatrician diagnosed her with croup, but it didn’t prevent her from getting her shots.  While the last set of shots didn’t seem to affect her in the least, I’m wondering if the H1N1 shot she got made her a little ill.  She’s over the croup, but now she’s got a running nose that just won’t quit.  And she’s drooling so much that her shirt is soaked all the time.

She loves to give kisses, but that’s just not happening right now.  Ewww.  Poor kid.

That check-up was a wee bit bittersweet as well.  It’s her last well-baby checkup before she turns two — and we’ll probably be at our next duty station by then.  I adore her pediatrician; he’s a guy who loves to joke and laugh with us, but he takes all of our concerns seriously and gives us the information we need to proceed.  When I expressed to him my concern that ME still wasn’t talking, instead of blowing me off and telling me that she’ll talk when she’s ready, he listened and then gave me the name of all the early intervention people in the state, and mentioned that his son had had a bit of a delay too but was now doing well.  I told him that this was probably our last meeting, and he seemed sad to see us go.

Sometimes I hate moving.

On Saturday ME was super, super sick.  She just looked ill.  Her eyelids were all swollen, her eyes kept tearing up, and her nose was streaming.  You could just see how miserable she was.  We had plans with our friends that we decided to cancel, what with ME being so sick. Plus it was raining cats and dogs (thankfully, we escaped most of that horrific storm that pounded the northeast), and there was no way I was taking a sick baby out in that weather for any reason.  Fortunately our friends were more than understanding, and we rescheduled our plans for yesterday — when both of our kids seemed the picture of health.

Seemed, being the key word.

Today Grace wakes up and starts complaining of pain in her ear.  I played it down for a bit since I know sometimes she can say something, just to get Momma’s attention, but when she kept on about it and ultimately started to cry, I figured it was something for real.  At one point, she was really sobbing, and nothing I could do would calm her.  Pediatrics wouldn’t see her until 4pm tomorrow, which was just too long to go with a kid in pain.  So off we headed to the ER, where she was indeed diagnosed with an ear infection.  She was feeling so badly that as I held her and rocked her and sang softly to her, she fell asleep in my arms.  That hasn’t happened, like, ever.  Not even as a baby.  She was a totally hands-off baby, and the only way she slept in my arms was if I picked her up when she was sleeping in the middle of the night and cuddled her.

Now she’s on antibiotics, along with Tylenol and Motrin to reduce the pain and the slight fever she’s got.  We came home from the ER, and I let her watch PBS Kids Sprout literally all day long.  I figure it couldn’t hurt; what good is it being sick if you can’t laze around and watch cartoons when you’re a kid?  I also took her through the drive-thru at Wendy’s for lunch, but all she would eat is her mini Frosty.

You know Grace is sick when she won’t eat.

Finally at 6pm, I turned off the tv, and without argument she rolled over and took a nap.  *blink blink*  Usually there’s such an argument when I turn off the tv (which is why I try to keep it turned off), or she’s begging me to turn on the radio so she can dance, or she’s chasing ME around the house.  She has never before taken a nap voluntarily.  We had to wake her up for dinner, which was almost a bad idea.  She refused to eat anything but a slice of the beer bread I had made with dinner — and I had made this delectable roast chicken and served it with roasted root veggies (carrots, parsnips, and onions), plus a salad with a homemade vinaigrette.  Usually Grace adores chicken, but she just wouldn’t eat.  We let her get away with the one slice of bread and most of her milk; she had to eat something since I had just given her a dose of Motrin, which has to be taken with food.

Not ten minutes after dinner’s over, she’s chasing ME around the house and acting like a complete goofball.


Obviously we skipped swim lessons today, and school’s off the schedule for tomorrow as well, seeing as she’s now on antibiotics.  *sigh*  I can just see that tomorrow is going to be Very Interesting.  I’m not really looking forward to it.

But hey!  My kids will be healthy again.  And that’s something to be thankful for, yes indeed.  Even if they are running amok.


6 Responses to “Beware…”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    Well, you can always use the old “you’re sick, you can’t go play outside” excuse… heh. Glad she’s feeling better!

  2. cardiogirl Says:

    That’s the worst when your normally active kid is just a limp rag doll. My oldest is really active, just never sits still, and it really freaks me out when she’s that sick and just not herself.

    Glad to hear she was up and chasing ME after a good rest and some meds.

  3. terri t. Says:

    There is nothing more scary when having your child be so sick that you KNOW they are really bad….It can be very frightening. But it sounds like both of them are on the mend and life will continue on.

  4. Awww darn. I am glad to hear Gracie was up and playing but she probably should be resting a bit more. Then again, kids seem to bounce back FAST…

  5. ovalgurl Says:

    My kids are ill so rarely that I’m like you in that it freaks me out a little. But I was grateful for the only ear infection Wolf ever got. He was almost 5 and for the first time ever allowed himself to snuggle with me on the couch. Those few hours were the first time I’d been able to do that since he was weaned. At that age he was as cuddly as a cobra. ~LA

  6. l'empress Says:

    Hi, Blue!

    I would have sent you a private mail, but I don’t know your e-mail address. That’s okay, you can ignore me if you like.

    I saw your comment to the Purple Chai about being Lithuanian — or not. My mother was born in Lithuania; the family left because being Jewish was not a good thing to be there. Her citizenship papers said she was born in Russia, because at that time Lithuania was Russia. (I wrote a post about that once.)

    But later research showed me that the Lithuanians never considered themselves Russian anyhow; their language, religion, and culture was distinct from the Russian. It didn’t matter to Mom; none of them wanted Jews!

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