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I’d eat people if it was legal 30 March 2010

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Blind as a bat

So I’m sure you’ve heard about the rain here on the East Coast.  Yeah, not fun.  It’s been pouring for a good 48 hours, and the ground was already saturated from the rain we got earlier in the month.  There’s nowhere for all this rain to go, so rivers have been overrunning their banks.  Basements are flooded, roofs are leaking, and it’s impossible to go anywhere without getting soaked.

It’s still not enough to convince me to use an umbrella.  That’s why God made hooded jackets!  Sheesh.

Apparently my tiny little state made the national news this morning.  At least it wasn’t for firing the entire teaching staff of a high school, which is what happened in nearby Central Falls, Massachusetts.  That made the national news too.  That’s a scary school, I have to say.  Our local football team played there, and the game had to be held early in the afternoon because the town’s under curfew for teenagers.  Yikes.

So yeah.  Rhode Island is flooded, and it’s all over the news.  Cranston, near Warwick, is really getting hit hard because the Pawtuxet River is overflowing.  People from Cranston crack me up.  I haven’t met one yet that didn’t consider the F word to be just another word in the English language.  They drop F-bombs like it’s no big thing.  Hey, I’m a fan of the group “Intelligent, Classy, Well-education Women Who Say F*ck A Lot” over on FB, so that’s no criticism.  It’s just surprising how flippant they are about it, after being around people who look at me askance when I say, “hell.”

Fortunately I live on the high ground.  No flooding for me!  My house is warm and dry and water-tight.  Which is not to say that every house in my neighborhood is.  There are several yards that are completely flooded, and I know there must be a few flooded homes.  I’ve not yet been affected by the flooding in my area, though another mother at Grace’s school informed me that one of the side streets was so flooded she had to go completely around.  Yikes.

But it’s meant I haven’t wanted to go anywhere.  I did haul myself out to the Christmas Tree Shops to pick up a new raincoat for Grace.  She had a pink one with flowers as pockets that I think I bought in Washington state, but the pocket started tearing off.  It’s just plastic, not really built to last.  The Christmas Tree Shops had kids’ raincoats on special for $2 each.  Of course, these are not durable at all, but they keep her dry.  She has so many sweatshirts that she can wear under the raincoat to keep her warm that I don’t see the point in buying a real raincoat for her.  She does, however, have real rain boots, nice insulated ones from Land’s End, and I think that’s more important.

I also managed to find Utz Crab Chips!  I could not believe they have them.  My sister had led me to believe that you can only really get them in the Chesapeake Bay area.  She has a friend in DC send them to her in Atlanta because she loves them so much.  And the great thing about the Christmas Tree Shops is they’re like an upscale Big Lots, so everything’s cheap.  Including these chips.  I walked out of that store with three bags of chips (they’re small-ish bags), the raincoat, a new hat for Grace, and a toy for ME — and my total was just over $9.

With the weather being as crappy as it has been the last few days, all I’ve been doing is reading — hence the above photo.  Funnily enough, when I’ve got my glasses on, I can’t stand to keep them on as I’m reading.  So I stick them on top of my head or taken them off entirely.  It’s something about the way the lenses correct my vision that makes the print just a little too annoyingly small.  It’s not my age catching up to me — it’s the way I have always been, since I got glasses back in the 5th grade.  But yet if I have my contacts in, it doesn’t seem to bother me.  Go figure.  I am, however, seriously blind; I have to hold my book that close, no farther, or else I can’t see the words.  I think my eyes were measured at 20/400 once; that means, according to Wikipedia, that if my eyesight couldn’t be corrected, I would be on the border of being legally blind.  I don’t doubt it; it sucks being without my glasses.  I cannot see!  One weekend when Kurt and I were first dating, I’d forgotten my glasses on campus and my contacts had torn.  I had to go a full day without being able to see, and it was horrible.  I can only see clearly about three inches from my face, so Kurt had to lead me around almost like I was blind.  I ended up with the worst headache from squinting to try to clear up my vision a bit.

I will never again be caught without my glasses.

I have to say, I’m scared of the surgery.  For one thing, I can’t afford it.  But for another, contacts correct my vision down to 20/15, and there’s no guarantee with surgery.  My eyes might be too bad for them to be able to correct my vision to where I wouldn’t need glasses anyhow.  I think Kurt’s a better candidate; he’s only slightly near-sighted, though to hear him say it, he’s far worse off than I am.  He even wears his glasses in the pool.

I just hope the girls inherit his vision.  Mine is just Too Awful.  I can’t even see the time projected on the ceiling from Kurt’s alarm clock!  Thus far, Grace seems to see clearly, but I do watch both my kids for signs of squinting.  My parents didn’t notice I couldn’t see till my teacher told them I couldn’t see the board from the front row when I was in the fifth grade.  The first time I put glasses on my face, I was shocked at everything I’d been missing, the clarity of every leaf on the trees, the puffiness of the clouds, the separation of every blade of grass.  I can still remember staring at the willow trees in our backyard in sheer amazement.  To this day, I glory in how far I can see with my contacts in, especially if I’m having a “good contacts day.”  Sometimes I’ll even mention it to Kurt, I’ll tell him that I can see every little brick in the building way over there, and he’s somewhat dismissive.

But I know what it’s like not to be able to see clearly, so it’s not something I take for granted.  And if I couldn’t see, how could I read???  Oh, the humanity!


6 Responses to “I’d eat people if it was legal”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    I almost cried the first time I got glasses for Kid, and she was amazed at what she could see. She just thought the way she saw was normal for everyone….

  2. I’ve worn glasses forever, seems like. Unfortunately my current pair is awful. I have to wear them for distance but I can read better without them.

  3. terri t. Says:

    I’ve been wearing glasses since 5th grade too. They discovered my problem because the teacher had read the test questions on the chalkboard and when I answered them, I did not put them in order…just in the order I remembered them.
    So, yes, glasses are a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine not being able to see well enough to read.
    Glad to hear that your area is not under the flood watch. I was worried about you when I watched the news last night.

  4. karmacat Says:

    I hate to tell you this, but Central Falls is in Rhode Island. One square mile of nastiness, sometimes referred to as Glitter City (because of all the broken glass).

  5. michele Says:

    I am glad that you found a place to get UTZ… they are truly the best. I didn’t know they had them anywhere else other than VA & NC, honest! 🙂

    I was in 6th grade when I got my first glasses and I agree… wow, the things I was missing! Holy cow! 🙂

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