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That’s all just an illusion 2 May 2010

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My point exactly

So my friends Craige and Jeff came up from NYC to attend the BeerFest America in Providence with me.  These are the best folks in the world to attend a beer fest with, as they really know their stuff when it comes to beer.  That, and like me, they don’t believe that more hops equal better beer.  In my world, a beer should be pleasantly balanced between the sweet maltiness of the grain and the bitter dryness of hops.  Too often, brewers are now throwing more and more hops at mediocre beers in hopes of attracting more business, as right now, hops sell.

But anyhow, so that’s where I was Saturday afternoon, in Providence with two of my dear friends, trying new beers and expanding my palate.  Hence my approval of the shirt pictured above, and why I prefer not to drink mainstream beer.  If that’s what you like, then fine.  But I personally want more flavor to my beer than what Budweiser offers.  I had my first Bud a couple months ago, and I was appalled.  It tasted like carbonated water with a tiny bit of beer flavor added as an afterthought.  Yuck.

The problem with the fest, however, was it seemed like the three of us seemed to be the only ones there for a serious purpose.  Everyone else seemed to be recently turned 21, and out to get as drunk as possible on a Saturday afternoon.  I couldn’t believe what some people were wearing.  One guy whom I saw even before we walked in to the fest had on a t-shirt on which you could see a person vomiting.  Seriously?!  A lot of the girls there had plenty of flesh on display, and most of the men had on very offensive, sexually-themed shirts.

Look, I know I’m coming off sounding like a complete prude, and I’m really not.  I seem to be rather well-endowed in the chestal region, and I do wear shirts to accentuate the positive.  However, my stuff isn’t hanging out.  And I sure as hell don’t wear shirts that are full of blatant sexuality.  I do own a shirt that I acquired in college that is somewhat questionable.  On the front, it reads: “Looking for a good time?” And the back says, “Go down on First East” — which was  the name of the floor on which I lived in the residence hall.  It was an all-girls’ floor (all floors at my college were single-sex, though the dorms themselves could be co-ed), so it was even funnier.  But that’s still mild in comparison to what most of the guys were wearing yesterday — and let me tell you, that shirt has been relegated to the back of my closet.  I keep it for sentimental reasons.  I wouldn’t dream of wearing it out in public, unless I was on a college campus.

I’m assuming the beer fest was pretty much a large-scale frat party.  I figured out early on that I didn’t want to be one of “those girls” at frat parties in college, so I decided to find better things to do on my Friday and Saturday nights.  Sometimes that involved reading a novel all night long, but at least I wasn’t getting drunk on Natty Light.  Yuck.  Maybe I knew back then I’d only like the decent beers.

This is how ridiculous the beer fest got:  It was getting close to the end of the show (they had an afternoon show and an evening showing, and in retrospect I am so glad we went to the afternoon one), when all of a sudden our eardrums were assaulted by the howling of a hundred or more drunk male throats.  WHY.  Why do drunk people have this need to be as loud as possible?!  I couldn’t believe how long this note was held and sustained, and it seemed to get louder the longer it went on.  It must have been at least a minute, and the note hit my eardrums just at the right frequency so as to make it feel like they were close to bursting.  Ugh.

All this is not to say I didn’t have fun.  I found new beers and breweries I’d never heard of before, and I was finally able to try one of the extreme beers put out by the brewery that is literally a half mile from my house.  I’d always been nervous to buy a six-pack because what if I hated it??  But I love it, and I picked up a six-pack of it at the package store this afternoon.  (Rhode Island has these crazy laws where if you brew on-premises, you can only sell it at a bar, like a brewpub, or sell it in growlers.  If you package it in bottles or cans or kegs for distribution, you cannot sell it at the brewery.  It hurts the brain to think about, but that’s Rhode Island for you — another state in which I cannot buy beer in the grocery store, and instead have to make a separate trip to a liquor store.  Gah.)  We also stopped by one of my favorite package stores in Massachusetts that has a huge craft beer selection, and I was able to find some of my new favorite beers there.

But the best beer of all at the fest was one brewed by a brewpub in Providence, and isn’t packaged for distribution.  Bahhhh.  It was done by the Trinity Brewhouse, and it was their White Electric Stout.  Who knew I’d like a stout??  But I did indeed, and I wish I could get hold of more.  Ah well.  Apparently a trip to Providence is in order.

Remind me next time to research my beer fests a bit better, so I can attend one in which people actually appreciate beer, instead of using it as the quickest means to get stupidly drunk.


7 Responses to “That’s all just an illusion”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    I think the drunker people get, the less they can hear. Part of a true hangover is having a sore throat from yelling…. I’m glad I’m past that part of my life.

  2. IS there such a thing as a beerfest where people aren’t there to be stupidly drunk? I don’t do beer in any way, shape or form (hate the stuff) but I might consider trying some of the more obscure versions if it weren’t for the idiot factor that seems to accompany the venue.

  3. karmacat Says:

    Too bad about the Beerfest losers, but now I know where we can go if you’re in Providence some weekday. My PM schedule is all jumbly this month, then gets on a routine in June.

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    I don’t get along with drunk people. They just get so stupid.

    When I read about the men and the gross shirts it made me think of this website I came across on twitter today. Some dude is filming his neighbour (who’s hot and runs around her bikini all damn day) secretly and he’s putting it up on his website. Which is just SUPER creepy on it’s own, and maybe even illegal. It’s a South African guy and some of the comments the men make are just SO disgusting. Men like that give our good guys a bad name.

    Also – we can’t buy alcohol in our grocery shops as a rule. We have bottle stores (what we call them) and that’s the only place we can buy beer and stuff. Some grocery shops sell wine but only at certain hours and not on Sundays. Strange huh? 🙂

    • bluesleepy Says:

      Different states have different rules here in the States. In Virginia, you can buy beer & wine in the groceries but not liquor. In Arizona, you can buy all alcohol in the groceries – and they even have drive-thru liquor stores! Here in Rhode Island, you can’t buy any alcohol unless you go to a liquor store. Lots of states won’t sell on Sunday either. It’s so complicated, and rather outdated, if you ask me.

  5. terri t. Says:

    Not an alcohol or beer drinking but I can appreciate that you enjoy the different local (non franchised) beers. I love to read the names at my grocery store. They always sound so good.

    Hope you find plenty of local beers when you move….I expect Va. is a great place for beer drinkers…

  6. Aubrey Says:

    At least you can buy your wine and liquor in the same store… not only can we not purchase alcohol in a grocery store, but you have to purchase your beer at a distributor and your liquor/wine at the state run liquor store. So to have a party, you need to visit 3 stores! Good thing I’m not drinking at the present moment! 🙂

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