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I’ll be out in the sandbox 5 May 2010

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Yes, hi.  How are you?  How’s things?  For some reason, I just have so little to say now. Whereas before, when the words would tumble round and round in my head all day long, and I would compose blog post after blog post, now my head seems rather empty.  Not in general, just empty of words.  Maybe the kids are taking them when I’m not looking.  Grace, after all, is reading better and better every day, and recognizing the most surprising of words.  And Mary Ellen is hesitatingly trying out new sounds each day, though the extent of her vocabulary remains simply, “BALL!”

They probably are stealing all my words and hoarding them for their own purposes.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  They’ve already stolen my brain.  I now suffer pretty badly from “Mommy brain.”  I’m not sure one ever recovers from pregnancy.  The babies, they just suck all your intelligence and smarts and cleverness right out of your brain.

But I’m off!!  Tomorrow I head south for warmer climes, to New Orleans, to be specific.  My dear friend Elle lives down there, and the planning for this trip has been a long time in my brain.  I’ve been wanting to visit her for at least a couple of years, but the schedules just haven’t lined up properly till now.  I am so excited, my head is liable to pop right off my neck.  The Big Easy!  I’ve never been, for one.  All that architecture, the music, the gentle lilt of southern accents.  Yes, of course, there’ll be heat and humidity — but with my move this summer to southern Virginia, I’d better get used to it.  The best part of all, of course, will be just having girl time, and camaraderie, and lots of talking and giggling and laughing.

Oh, and arm-touching.  We’re both arm-touchers.  I can’t help it!  I’m an affectionate soul.

Amazingly enough, I am very nearly packed.  The only things I have left to pack are my eyeglasses, my contact lens case, contact lens solution, and the chargers for my phone and my iPod.  Oh, and my camera.  I can’t forget that!  I’m not going to check my baggage, though.  I’m so mad that baggage costs so much to check.  They told us last summer that it was because of the cost of fuel, when we consumers were paying up to $4.50 a gallon to fill up our own cars.  I understand that planes use different fuel, but we’re playing almost two dollars less per gallon now (it’s about $2.85 here, though I can get it cheaper in Massachusetts).  If the cost of fuel has dropped, why can’t we go back to free checked bags?  Oh right.  Because it’s like taxes — how often do you ever hear of a tax actually going away?

United wants $25 for the first bag.  Grrr.  I wondered, this morning, if perhaps I could get a discount, being military and all, but alas, I can only check my bags for free if I’m traveling on military orders.  And before you ask, don’t even mention MAC flights to me.  Kurt says I’m the lowest of the low on the totem poles for flying on a military flight, and any active duty person could bump me because he takes precedence.  Plus it wouldn’t be a guarantee to get me to where I need to go, and it would take longer for me to get there than I have for my whole vacation. Kurt doesn’t even fly a MAC flight when he goes on business trips.  It’s easier for the Navy to fly their personnel through civilian carriers, at least here in the States.

It  would be nice for the civilian airlines to throw us a slight bone.  I don’t mind buying my tickets online for the best deal, but at least they could help me out with baggage fees.

Oh well.  I’ll just have to be yet another one of those jackasses who brings a big (relatively so; I’ll still stay within limits) carry-on and jams it in the overhead.  Fortunately I’m switching plans in DC, so if anything were to happen (knock on wood — it won’t), I wouldn’t have to spend the night in the airport.  My parents live relatively closeby, so I can just go hang with them.  But nothing will happen!  You hear me?!

I have travel anxiety.  I can’t help it.  When things go out of my control, I get a little nervous.

This trip is a little bittersweet, I have to say.  It’ll be my last trip alone for quite some time, I would imagine, unless I can steal away this summer down to NYC to see my friends down there.  Once we move to Virginia, Kurt will have to go out to sea.  I’ll have to be the responsible stay-at-home mom and take care of the babies, instead of gallivanting off to the four corners of the earth.  Hopefully I’ll have some visitors to keep me company while he’s gone.  What’s even harder for me to grasp is the knowledge that I won’t be able to head off to wherever, even with the kids in tow.  Grace starts school in the fall, real school, so we’ll have to stick to that schedule.  It’s mind-boggling.  My baby is almost six!!!


See you next week!


5 Responses to “I’ll be out in the sandbox”

  1. Katastrophe Says:

    Have fun on your girly trip. I too get travel anxiety, but since I don’t really go anywhere I get it on public transit. Waiting for a bus or subway, having to make connections to get onto another sends my anxiety through the roof. It’s very silly.

  2. Yes, but once both babies are in school you’ll have the freedom to come and go at will ALLLL the time they’re in school, every day!

  3. cocoabean Says:

    Awww. I’ll come visit so you won’t be lonely!!

  4. terri t. Says:

    Hope you enjoy your trip to the Big Easy…be sure to get some beignets.,….knowing you…you will get a recipe and fix them yourself….they are worth the trip to New Orleans…

  5. poolagirl Says:

    Enjoy your trip! It sounds like so much fun! Wheeee! I am with you in spirit!

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