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When friends were friends forever 14 June 2010

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I’m going to have to start keeping track of all my social engagements on my calendar.  This is starting to get ridiculous!

The first year we lived here, I had nothing really going on.  The second year is when I had that group of friends that lived right here on my block, so the six of us were almost always together, at least in twos and threes.  But most of them moved away last summer, which made me think that my carousing days were over.

They’re not quite over, though they have slowed quite a bit.  But what a weekend I just had!

My friend M, who lives two houses down from me, held a crab boil on Saturday.  They’re about to move to Georgia, but all the seafood there is probably ruined by  the oil spill in the Gulf.  So the husband decided that they were going to gorge on seafood before they left.  Last weekend it was lobstah (ohhhhh yummy), and this weekend it was crabs.  They were good too, though there is just no way to eat crabs without making a ginormous mess.  Our other friend E, who lives next to M, changed her shirt three times over the course of the evening while we chomped our way through three dozen crabs.

They were oh so good, though.  And I had made this amazing tomato/avocado bruschetta that topped bread coated with goat cheese and cream cheese:

My appetizer

Now doesn’t that just make you start drooling all over yourself?  It was so super good, yet deadly easy.  My favorite kind of recipe!  What’s funny is how I even acquired the recipe.  I’d run into one of the civilian groceries here because I needed fish for dinner, and the commissary doesn’t sell much, and what they do sell is crazy expensive.  As I came out of the store with the girls in tow, I ran into the mother of one of Grace’s classmates, and she told me she was going to buy the ingredients for a tomato/avocado bruschetta to take to a bbq she was attending.  I knew right then I needed the recipe, so I begged it from her.  I’m so glad I did.  It was a total hit at the crab boil.

The weather didn’t really cooperate with us on Saturday.  It was overcast and cool, and partway through the meal, it started to sprinkle a bit.  There was no way we could move everything inside, and besides, crab is just too messy to eat indoors.  We had to just power through the rain shower, which made it even more fun.  The girls thought it was the best thing ever, to eat outside while it was sprinkling!

Yesterday we had another bbq to attend, this one with coworkers of Kurt’s.  They’ve moved up to the central part of the state — which means all of a 30-minute drive away.  It’s going to be so weird to move back to Virginia, a pretty large state for the eastern seaboard, that has counties half as large as the entire state of Rhode Island.  It was a nice drive up to our friends’ house, though the GPS took us the weirdest way possible, though quite a scenic way.  I had no complaints.

Our friends had made so much delicious food, and it was a last chance to say goodbye to the gent, DE, that retired last Thursday.  I’d gone to his retirement and taken a few photos for Kurt, since he was part of the ceremony.  I’m going to be a blubbering idiot at Kurt’s retirement, I just know it.  There’s a part where a flag that has flown over the US Capitol gets passed along from Chief to Chief as they each salute in turn, and when DE was presented with it, he did an about-face and presented it to his son.  Right there, the tears started to well up in my eyes.  Then as a fellow sailor read out the poem about the retiree finally being able to stand down because “we have the watch,” I lost it all over again.  It was so moving, so poignant.  Even thinking about it gives me chills.

Unfortunately I couldn’t recreate that delicious bruschetta because my friend is gluten-intolerant, and we didn’t have time to procure some gluten-free bread.  It’s a hard thing to come across on this tiny island.  But I did bring her a lovely orchid in a pot, as opposed to a cutting, so it’ll continue to grow.  When I saw it, I knew it was perfect for her because it was so simple yet elegant.  Then she told me she’d had orchids at her wedding, so that made my gift even more special.

But as soon as we got home, it was time for me to head out to E’s house so the three of us, E, M, and I, could watch Away We Go. E had wanted to see it downtown in the theatre on one of our movie dates, but it just hadn’t ever happened for us.  It worked out better this way, giving us yet another excuse for a girls’ night in.

And boy, did we take advantage of it!

Copious quantities of wine were involved, and I even had to call Kurt at one point to bring us another bottle.  Haha.  Good thing we all live next door to one another!  I have photos on my camera of the three of us dancing, yet I don’t really remember that part.  Oops.

All that wine meant I felt like crap all day today, and I’m still not back to 100%.  It was totally worth it, though, to have one last hurrah with my closest friends here in Rhode Island.  I will miss these ladies so, so much.  But I am grateful that I had them for the few years I did.  They really did enrich my life in many wonderful ways.


5 Responses to “When friends were friends forever”

  1. Ooooh I REALLY want that tomato/avocado recipe. My two favorite foods together. Yum!!

  2. cocoabean Says:

    You just have too much fun!

  3. terri t. Says:

    It’s great that you are enjoying so many special last moments in R.I. Soon you will be making new friends in Virginia and seeking out all the great places to eat and all the nooks and crannies that hold special treasures……

  4. SJAT Says:


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