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I fell down with no one there 30 June 2010

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I spent a good portion of last night getting my iPod to just the way I like it.  I’m rather surprised that songs take up so much data space, but then I’m used to mp3s running a max of about 3-4MB.  Some songs from iTunes go all the way up to 10MB.  Yikes.  Anyhow.  I’ve decided that I really should delete off the songs that I tend to skip past anyhow and finally get rid of the pre-loaded songs that came on the iPod.  The one song I have left to delete is Metallica’s “One,” from the S&M album.  Ugh.  I just can’t listen to that song.  It’s Kurt’s favorite Metallica song, but it just creeps me right the hell out.

I did add disc 1 and 2 of Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits (and now I just need to find disc 3 so I can add “River of Dreams” and “We Didn’t Start the Fire”), as well as Lily Allen’s “Smile” and “Alfie,” and Patti Labelle’s “Lady Marmalade.”  I can’t decide if I want to add Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” or if I should just go with the Glee cover.  Seems rather pointless to have them both, though they’re both excellent.

But alas and alack, I cannot find my beloved “Kilroy Was Here” album by Styx!  Yikes!!  I have probably mentioned this here before, but that album is all I had to listen to one summer that I spent in southern Virginia at my real mom’s house.  I was probably seven or eight, and for some reason she didn’t have her boarder living with her.  I know this because my greatest memory of that summer is of being in the blue room, which had been the boarder’s bedroom, listening to my mom’s tape of “Kilroy Was Here” over and over and over again on the stereo in there.  This is why I could sing, from memory, the entirety of “Don’t Let It End” for years afterward.  It’s probably also why I can kill “Mr Roboto” on Guitar Hero like it’s nobody’s business.

That’s why I want to find the whole CD, though, and not just download a couple of songs from iTunes.  That, and I know the CD is around here somewhere.  We have hundreds of CDs, scattered across two rooms and several different storage methods (some in original jewel cases, some in CD storage books, some loose and stacked up in precarious towers), and though I believe I’ve laid eyes on every CD we own, I still can’t find that particular disc.  It’s quite a bummer.

Yes, I know I could probably download the whole thing, but dammit, I want my CD!  I am somewhat old-skool, and I want my hard copy of it.  And yes, I still do own CDs.  I went into my favorite record store this weekend, looking for a copy of the new Mumford & Sons album, but they  hadn’t even heard of the band.  That part blew my brain.  Mumford & Sons isn’t a terribly well-known band here in the States, but they’re also not obscure.  I have to say I was really quite disappointed in them.  But the ladies that were in there seemed pretty new; they didn’t offer to order it for me and I didn’t even think to ask.  Oops.

I do have to say that I am in love with iTunes.  Not so much that every song runs me 99¢ to $1.29, but I love that I can just look up a song on my iPod and download it right then and there.  And I love being able to buy just one song at a time.  Why else would I have Gorillaz’s “Rhinestone Eyes” on my iPod?  Talk about random… Kurt has a buddy  at work that adores 8-tracks, and so every time we go to the thrift store, we pick him up a bunch.  He likes them because in general they’re old albums, written back in the day when singers and songwriters would plan how an album would flow from one song to the next.  You really had to sit down and listen to an album from start to finish, and songs were put in a particular order to evoke certain emotions or to tell a story.  Nowadays, the albums are just a collection of singles; it doesn’t seem like there’s much thought that goes into song placement.  So it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to pick up an entire CD, unless you know you like that band and you’ve heard several of the songs on the album.  That’s why I want to get Mumford & Sons; I’ve already downloaded “The Cave,” but the rest of the CD is stacking up to that first single, quality-wise, for me.

The only problem with my iPod is that it’s not exactly child-appropriate.  Grace knows to ask if a song is Grace-appropriate, which cracks me up, because she has her own mp3 player.  But she’s always wanting to listen to mine when we’re in the van going somewhere.  Considering that I have the explicit lyrics versions of both the Black-Eyed Peas and Kid Rock, I really need to be quick on the fast-forward button so she doesn’t hear words that she really shouldn’t be.  I’m so thankful, though, that I never did expose her to Hannah Montana and Radio Disney.  I have been listening to so-called “adult” music since I was her age, everything from Michael Jackson and Madonna to Neil Diamond to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and I managed to turn out just fine.  Heck, my favorite song when I was six years old was the Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right to Party.”

True story.  If my parents knew what I was listening to, I am sure they’d be appalled.

UPDATE: I found my CD!  And now I am joyously listening to Styx’s “Kilroy Was Here,” from start to finish.  I am super thrilled!

And now I shall leave you with the video to Mumford & Sons’ “The Cave,” the first song I heard of theirs.  I love it so much, and it’s one of Grace’s favorite songs.  Enjoy!


12 Responses to “I fell down with no one there”

  1. purple chai Says:

    I’m a big itunes fan also. It’s funny, though, the .99 to 1.29 cost per song isn’t a big deal to me, probably since I remember buying individual songs — we called them singles, or 45s — back in the day for .79 and .89. True, we got two songs for that, but even so, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot more, considering that was about forty years ago.

    • bluesleepy Says:

      It doesn’t bother me that greatly, except that Kurt can download songs to his Zune and to Grace’s mp3 player for 25¢ apiece. It’s usually him saying something about the “high” cost. For me, it’s worth it to buy just one or two songs instead of a whole album I don’t need.

  2. michele Says:

    Well written! I do enjoy that our love of music is mutual. As far as the CD is concerned, if you don’t find it, I know where my copy is—the one you so graciously made for me. I’d be happy to lend it to you if needed.

    And yes… your mom *was* appalled; she was not thrilled with “Ice Ice Baby”. 🙂 And my mom wasn’t to keen on you knowing all the words to “Baby Got Back”. 😉

    Glad you still have an eclectic [sp?] collection of music!

  3. becca Says:

    I do like Mumford and Sons at the moment. A little different arent they?

  4. twisterjester Says:

    We definitely have different tastes in music – but that’s to be expected considering our age difference. But I do love my tunes!!

    • bluesleepy Says:

      I shouldn’t think age has much to do with it. Most of my favorite music was put out long before I was even born. If I had to pick a favorite genre, I’d say classic rock, but I listen to pretty much everything — including classical.

  5. cocoabean Says:

    We gotta fight …. for our right …. to paaaaaarty! Love it!

  6. SJAT Says:

    Did you know that the very random guitar solo on ‘Fight for your right’ was by Kerry King, the Lead Guitarist with Slayer!

  7. cardiogirl Says:

    (Hums “Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya Da Da”) I need to buy that song.

    Amen on finally deleting the songs that get skipped. I need a ton of new music because it seems to take me six to eight skips to get to a song I want.

    And I’m bumping up to 90% full. Grr.

    One of my friends was listening to a Gretchen Wilson song that has the chorus, “Hell yeah!” and she told her kids it was “Hey yeah!” They bought it.

  8. Katastrophe Says:

    My parents had all these kids albums for me, left over from when they were kids. It was stuff like Burl Ives, Rosemary Clooney singing for kids and they were the old time kids songs that kids don’t sing anymore like Froggy went a’courtin, or ‘You’re a good man Charlie Brown. But that’s when I was super young, closer to ME’s age. By the time I was Grace’s age I’d gotten my Mom’s old portable record player (yikes, I’m that old that tapes, CD’s and *gasp* MP3s weren’t either invented yet or widely available) and I’d spend my entire freetime in my room listening to singles from The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Donovon and so many more.
    I never even thought about getting ‘kids music’ for my own children. They had their Sesame Street videos, that was enough. The rest of the time they just listened to what ever Hubby and I were listening to, like you. Now that they are teens they don’t like this Hannah Montanna, Justin Bieber and Jonas Brother’s plastic, overly produced crap. My kids loves are so varied and mixed, it goes from Metallica to Bob Dylan, to Cage the Elephant to Madonna.
    I haven’t really listened to Styx or Journey for years, but I’ve been breaking them back out lately, and the kids have been loving it (Thanks to Glee I’m sure) and I’m proud that my kids and yours aren’t falling into the Disney, Plastic Music Trap that so many are falling into these days.
    Good Job!

  9. terri t. Says:

    Glad you found your CD……and again your children get exposed to so much variety…in music and in food. Wonderful way to encourage them to enjoy many different things.

  10. Jo! Says:

    Zomg I loveeee Lily Allen! It made me all asquee that you also like her 😀

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