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Just a little push and you’ll be smilin’ 9 August 2010

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My back, it is killing me.

I know what happened.  My friend G had come for an overnight visit on Friday, you see.  That night we’d gone out to dinner and to see The Kids Are All Right (good movie! Though I am the everlasting optimist and was a bit bummed at the ending), and once we came home it was time to light a fire and roast marshmallows for s’mores.

Yes, folks, it is occasionally cool enough at night to sit around a fire and roast marshmallows.  It’s not the most legal thing to do here in housing, but considering how much “rent” we pay it should be allowed.  Besides, if our houses burnt down, we’d be doing housing a favor.  One less house to tear down!

Anyhow, after a delicious breakfast at a local diner and a lovely walk at the wildlife refuge, it was time for G to head home.  That meant it was time for me to pack up the raised AeroBed we have for guests, as we’d invited Kurt’s buddy and his family over for dinner.  And the last thing I needed when I was going to have five rambunctious kids (and that’s including my two) in the house was to have an expensive air mattress still out for them to destroy.

So here I am, wrestling and wrangling the damn thing, trying to get it small enough to go into its little carrying case so that there’s still enough room for the mattress pad that goes with it, and I have to unfold the damn thing like four times to get it small enough for my preferences.  And instead of taking it out and unrolling it properly, I’m getting so annoyed that I’m flinging it around to open it up so I can start over.

That’s probably why my back is killing me now.

I can sit just fine.  It’s getting up or switching positions that causes me massive pain.  I took some Motrin earlier today, which seemed to dull the pain a bit, but I’m pretty sure it’s worn off already.  I spent most of the afternoon either in my reading nook or laying in bed — reading.  ME napped for a good long while, since she hadn’t had her morning nap, and Grace was being really, really good and entertaining herself.  At one point, though, Grace decided she needed to be on my bed with me, so she grabbed a book too — and we cuddled and read.

It was the sweetest thing ever.  Oh, how I love that kid.  And she is so much like me!  That is, except the parts where she is just like Kurt.

Backache notwithstanding, I also managed to make dinner, although Kurt helped a lot.  What, you ask, did we eat?

May I present:

221: Dinner time

Chicken Carne Asada Tacos with Pickled Onions!  (And yes, that is my own photo.  I’m quite proud of how gourmet it all looked on the plate.)

This recipe could be completely tweaked to whatever your preference is.  You want beef, make beef instead.  (Side note: I hate that it’s called Chicken Carne Asada, since “carne asada” means “roasted meat” — as in beef.)  You want ground turkey?  Go for it.  How about a veggie substitute, like soy crumbles?  Heck, throw in black beans as the protein.  It doesn’t really matter.

The pickled onions were super yum.  I don’t like raw onions, but the short boiling time and the marinating in the acid of the orange and lime juices took all the bite out of the onions.  For me, this is a plus.  They tasted even more sweet after sitting in the juices, too.  We didn’t use Cotija cheese, mainly because finding any Mexican ingredients in this Portuguese town is nigh on impossible.  We had feta, so feta it was.  Of course, we did toast the tortillas like we always do.  Heat a cast iron skillet till it’s just about smoking, mist each side of the tortilla very slightly with cooking spray, and throw it in the hot, hot pan.  Twist the tortilla around in the pan so that it doesn’t get too burnt in one spot (it helps to have asbestos hands), and flip when the tortilla starts to bubble.  Repeat on the other side.  This only works with flour tortillas; my family doesn’t care for corn ones.  I use my Japanese cooking chopstick to flip the tortillas. It makes sense to my brain!

And of course we had to sprinkle chopped cilantro on top.  Cilantro’s one of those polarizing ingredients.  People either love it, or they hate it.  Me, I came to love it.  I wasn’t sure about it as first, but eventually it grew on me.  And now I can’t stop eating it!  In fact, I tend to sub in cilantro when I can’t find flat-leaf parsley at the commissary, which is pretty much all the time.

Hopefully by tomorrow my back will be back to normal, so I can get back to my housewifely duties.  Laundry waits for no woman!


8 Responses to “Just a little push and you’ll be smilin’”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    Sorry to hear about your back.. that always meant a trip or two to the chiropractor…

  2. Yum to the foodies- not so much to the waiting laundry. I just threw in a load to wash, myself, and can commiserate

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    I’ve never had s’mores. I’d love it if you could explain exactly how it’s done so we can try it the next time we have a braai. 🙂

    • bluesleepy Says:

      Oh!! S’mores are as easy as can be. You need: graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. I like to build most of my s’more before I toast the marshmallow. Take one graham cracker, break it in half, and put a chocolate square on one of the graham crackers. Stick your marshmallow on a stick or a skewer, and toast it over the flame. If you’re like my husband, then it becomes a game as to how well you can toast the marshmallows without having the whole thing go up in flames. If your marshmallow does catch on fire, just blow it out. It’s still edible. Once it’s toasted to your preferences, lay the marshmallow down onto the chocolate and graham cracker, top with the other half of the graham cracker, and pull your skewer out. Push everything together and wait just a few moments so that the marshmallow has time to try to melt the chocolate. Then eat! It’s ooey and gooey and sweet and delicious. You can use almost any candy you want inside, but it’s traditional to use plain milk chocolate. I used dark chocolate on Saturday and that was deeeelicious. (There’s also an article on Wikipedia here about s’mores.)

  4. Ruth from SC Says:

    Awesome recipe ideas…with pictures!! It’s only one of the reasons I check your blog everyday for new entries!

  5. terri t. Says:

    great photos and I enjoyed “eating the food through the monitor” again.

    Have you ever thought about going on the cooking show to become the next Food Network Star? I bet you could show them some great recipes and skills.

    • bluesleepy Says:

      I’m glad you think so, but I really just follow recipes. I can’t for the life of me make up my own recipes, so I don’t think I’d do well in competition. I would like to take some knife skills classes one day. It would stand me in very good stead, considering how often I cook.

      • terri t. Says:

        you are always talking of changing one protein or herb for another within a recipe and tweaking the basic recipe. I bet most of those chefs just learn the basics of the recipes and improvise…..

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