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The phone rings, it’s early 24 August 2010

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After two and a half years of my daughter attending a local preschool twice a week, all year round, she is finished.  Tomorrow is the last day of the summer camp, but since Grace doesn’t attend on Wednesday, she was done today.  It was so strange to go in there , knowing it was my last morning to drop her off.

But things are changing in there.  I found out one teacher decided not to come back after the summer, so she won’t be around.  Another teacher needed a switch from the room she’d been in for years.  One of the baby room teachers always takes the summer off, which meant she wasn’t around to say goodbye to anyhow.  And the girl who’d been Grace’s assistant teacher, and was her main summer camp teacher, has decided to go back to school to get her teaching degree.  The turnover in a preschool is pretty high anyhow; Grace outlasted much of the staff in her two and a half years there.  But there were always those few stalwart ladies, the ones who were always there.  Yet even those are changing.  It’s… strange.

I suppose nothing stays the same, however.

Today felt like such a wasted day.  I managed to do more today than I did yesterday, however.  Yesterday was a total lost cause.  What with the chill and the rain, it was all I could do to snuggle down under a blanket and read till my eyes hurt.  ME decided she only wanted one nap, which works out better for me because then she’s napping all afternoon long, instead of waiting till 3pm to snooze.  I did put a good meal on the table for dinner, a delicious eggplant parmesan lasagna that was quite a bit of work but totally worth it.  But that was all I managed to do yesterday.

Today I caught up with some laundry and ironed my capris.  See, all of my capris (or short pants, or whatever you call them — the ones that go to just past one’s knees) have cuffs, and when I wash them, the cuffs get all messed up and wrinkly.  I can’t stand how that looks, so every time I wash my capris, I have to iron the cuffs so that they’re flat.  For some people, that is entirely too much work, but it really doesn’t bother me.  It takes all of a minute per cuff.  It’s almost not worth dragging the ironing board out, but I usually find something else that needs ironing.  Funnily enough, ironing doesn’t really bother me.  There’s something so satisfying about eradicating wrinkles.  You can see your results immediately, and then when you put on the ironed clothes, you look so sharp and fresh.

I probably don’t mind ironing because I do so little of it.  Kurt’s camouflage uniform doesn’t need ironing at all.  When he wore khakis, I’d iron his uniforms (two pairs) on one Sunday, and he’d wear one set per week.  That meant I only had to iron twice a month.  I didn’t really have to be the one ironing; I just felt it was my duty as a Navy wife.

I always felt badly for my mother.  After dinner on Sunday was her time to iron.  And she ironed probably one set of uniforms per day for my father — and another set of uniforms per day for herself.  Ten uniforms to iron, every Sunday night.  Ugh.  Fortunately, they mostly wore khakis, which are pretty much permanent press, but they still can get a bit wrinkled in the dryer.  Every so often, though, one of them would need a dress uniform.  That meant ironing and starching a white cotton shirt, never a fun job.  She did it well, though.  Lots of practice, I suppose.

Now the only things I iron are my few blouses that seem to require it, plus my capris in the summertime.  Not much.

Before you ask, yes, I have tried the wrinkle release stuff that comes in the bottle.  I don’t find it to work very well.  And I hate starting up the dryer just to get rid of a few wrinkles.  It’s the environmentalist in me, I guess.

So the iron it is for me!  Besides, I had to put a patch on a pair of Grace’s jeans.  That girl can rip through the knees of jeans like you wouldn’t believe.  Sometimes I wonder if she’s half boy.  She’s nearly destructive enough!

And in just a couple of weeks, she’ll be off to kindergarten.  I can’t believe how quickly the last six years have flown by.  It feels like I’ll blink, and she’ll be graduating high school.  All I can do is just hang on for dear life, and enjoy the short time we’ve got.


7 Responses to “The phone rings, it’s early”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    Soon she’ll be driving!

  2. twisterjester Says:

    I don’t iron much these days because 1) I don’t have time; 2) I don’t have an ironing board; and 3) in this heat you avoid anything that hot except when it’s absolutely essential. But I used to iron G’s winter shirts when we were in Payson. We used the laundry room and the iron and board were already set up. He loved it when I did it!

  3. michele Says:

    Oh M Gee……

    I cannot believe you and I feel EXACTLY the same way about 1) cuffs on capris and 2) the satisfaction of eradicating wrinkles. Maybe we ARE related, after all! LOL

  4. terri t. Says:

    I used to iron husband’s police uniforms and then they got permapress…YES! Still put on all his brass buttons, name tag, sharp shooter tag, badge and whistle w/chain. and I loved to iron too…..but seldom have to any more.

  5. SJAT Says:

    Ironing? Tell me about this earth thing called ironing? And just call me captain crease…

  6. cardiogirl Says:

    Had to laugh when you mentioned your mom ironing. I never once saw my mother hold an iron, much less use an iron. This is what I learned from her:

    If you have wrinkles run it through the dryer for five minutes an the heat of the dryer will remove them. That’s what I do.

    We own an iron because my husband brought it to the marriage.

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