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It took a nip of gin 14 September 2010

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I am pleased to report that we seem to be completely binky-free!  ME’s voice has had time to recover, and she’s throwing fewer and fewer fits.  I almost had a breakdown my own self a couple of nights ago when ME was screaming and screaming in her crib instead of going to sleep, but I think it was just an overdose of stress and a lack of sleep on my part.  Fortunately I have a very understanding husband, and he talked me down from the ledge and brought me ice cream to calm me down.  Nom.

ME does, however, have a new skill.  After falling out of her crib one day last month, she’s figured out how to exit it without hurting herself.  We have the crib mattress set as low as it could possibly go, but her legs are long enough to swing up and over.  Then she straddles the top of the crib rail, swings her other leg over, hangs by her hands, and drops the last few inches to the floor.


Yesterday I had to put her back into her crib twice after putting her down for a nap because she absolutely had to have her MagnaDoodle in the crib with her.  I gave up and let her have the MagnaDoodle, but she was so angry that she was being forced to take a nap that she flung it with all her might out of the crib.  She finally fell asleep, though.  Today I put her in her crib to nap, and after five minutes of fussing, I hear an eerie silence.  I gave her a few minutes, and when I finally cracked open the door to check on her, she was peacefully asleep — in Grace’s bed!  Hey, at least she was sleeping, though.  Clearly I need to switch Grace to a big-girl bed, and put ME in the toddler bed.

It’s just funny because Grace was perfectly content in her crib until she was three years old, and the only reason we moved her into the toddler bed was because she was potty-trained, and I didn’t want to prevent her ability to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Every day I marvel at how different my two girls are, even though they’re quite alike in other ways.

(Goodness!  Not even 7pm and evening colors has sounded.  The days are getting shorter and shorter…)

Grace seems to adore kindergarten, although we’ve already (!!!) had a few episodes of “But Mom, I need to do my homework!” right before bedtime.  Is that something every kid does, something they know inherently?!  I didn’t think it would happen in kindergarten, for crying out loud!

Homework is really no big deal, not for kindergarten.  Thus far she’s had to come up with something that could hurt someone’s feelings if it were said to them (part of a discussion on how mean things “wrinkle” people’s hearts, and why we should try our best not to wrinkle someone’s heart), color a few worksheets, and put together an “all about me” bag.  One activity per day.  It takes her probably ten minutes, tops, to do her homework.  I just need to be better about checking her homework folder.

There’s a lot for parents to learn about going to school, not just the kids!

In non-child related news, I had my eyes checked last week.  I’m on my last pair of contacts, and I needed a new prescription to buy more.  It’s been three years since I had my eyes checked, mainly because I wear my contacts for longer than I should, so a one-year prescription tends to last me more like three.  Oops.  But I never ever ever sleep in them.  Yikes.  I did that a couple of times in college, and I felt like my eyes were glued together.  It was nice to wake up being able to see without trying to find my glasses, though.

Amazingly enough, the naval clinic could examine my eyes for me.  I’d always been told they wouldn’t, since they won’t write a contact lens prescription for dependents.  I guess things have changed in the last few years, which is awesome because now I don’t have to pay for a contact lens exam!  So last week I show up at my appointment with contacts in, but with my case and solution in case I need to remove them, plus I’d brought my glasses in as well.  Good thing, too, because I had to take my contacts out to have my eye puffed (ugh, I hate that machine), and it was time for me to have my eyes dilated.

Grr.  If there’s one thing I really hate, it’s having my eyes dilated — and it’s been a super long time since it was done.  Oh well.  I lived.  But it was zero fun.

What confused the crap out of me was I had to return for my contact lens exam.  I understood why I had to take out my contacts to have my eyes examined, but I don’t get why they wouldn’t do the contact lens exam first, and then the glasses exam.  Fortunately, though, they had an appointment just two days later, so I was able to knock out both appointments quickly (complete with yet another eye puff at the second appointment), and with my brand spankin’ new prescriptions in my hot little hands, off I headed to BJ’s Wholesale Club, where they were having an amazing deal going on for glasses, and where I could get the best deal on contacts.

I approached the woman behind the eyeglasses counter, and when she asked what I needed, I said, “At minimum, I need contacts!”  That’s when I ran smack dab up against another of Rhode Island’s stupid little rules:

Third-party providers (like Walmart, Target, BJ’s, whomever) cannot dispense contact lenses.

I KNOW, RIGHT?!  You have to get them from your ophthalmologist or your optometrist.  An optician cannot fill lens prescriptions, only ones for glasses. This was not an option for me, as the naval clinic won’t dispense them to civilians like me.

Yay, Rhode Island, you have failed me once again.

Fortunately I live almost to the border of Massachusetts, so it was rather trivial of me to hop across the border and place my order with the BJ’s up there.  And I got a new pair of glasses to boot ($90 for lenses and frame — wahoo!), though I’m not sure how they look.  I went by myself, you see, and I never can tell if something looks good on me.  I found the perfect set of frames, but of course my ginormous head made them pinch my temples in a very painful way.  So I went with the second best.  I only hope they look all right.

What’s funny is I gave BJ’s $300 of Kurt’s hard-earned cash, yet I left with nothing.  The contacts will be sent to my home (they didn’t have a full-year supply in stock), and the glasses take two to three weeks to be made.  I prefer my glasses to be sent out to a lab, actually, because any time they’ve been done at an “express” place, they’ve not been ground properly.  It’s worth it to me to wait so they can be done right.

The other funny thing is I now have a prescription which is the same for both eyes.  That’s never happened to be in all the twenty-one years I’ve been wearing corrective lenses.  My right eye has always been worse, and so it’s had a higher prescription.  This optometrist (or he could have been an ophthalmologist, or one of each, since I saw two different doctors) told me that my right eye had too much correction on it, and sure enough, I saw better when he dialed my prescription back to match my left eye.  It’ll be interesting when I get my new lenses to see if I see as clearly.

I sure hope so!


4 Responses to “It took a nip of gin”

  1. I hear you about the fast-grind labs. That’s where I went this last time and the prescription is awful. Next year I’m foregoing the vision insurance and just taking it all out of my FSA, getting two pair at America’s Best. They’re a better fit, consistently, PLUS I can get a pair of sunglasses as my second.

  2. terri t. Says:

    Husband and I need to see our opthomologist soon too. I am sure I need a change in my prescription. I will probably return to my usual frame place and hope I can afford them. Hope you post a photo of the new glasses so we can admire them.

  3. Jesse's Girl Says:

    I was able to get an eye exam at the Naval Health Clinic up here not too long ago. I was pleased they did the exam, but not used to having to pay for contacts. Our insurance before the Navy took care of that, so when I went to walmart to pick up contacts, I about fell to the floor at the cost. I was happy to at least not have my eyes dilated because I’m pregnant.

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