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Get down and go out and just lose it all 19 January 2011

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You know what would be nice??  If something would go right in regards to this move.  K just called me to tell me that our leasing company has no record of my signing our 30 days’ notice.  Good thing the woman I talked to made me a copy because I sure as hell did, thankyewverymuch.  Now it looks as though I’m going to have to go back in to the office today.  Joy.

At least the office is right around the corner.  And I have nothing much to do today, aside from straightening the house in preparation for having guests over tonight.

I do have some good news.  I’m getting a new cell phone!  I am ridiculously excited about this, mainly because I am so tired of my current phone. It’s a smartphone, one running Android, which I love.  But the battery life has always been downright awful.  I know smartphones suck battery life, what with their huge screens and all, but my phone is ridiculous.  I pretty much cannot do anything online while I’m away from a charger because my battery drains so quickly.  At that point, what’s the use of having a smartphone?  I could just go back to having a texting phone. Sheesh.

This summer I finally got tired of my phone and called Sprint because I’d sent two text messages and uploaded a photo, which caused my battery to drop to 60%.  Sprint sent me a new battery, but that didn’t solve the problem.  So then I took it in to a Sprint store and they ordered me a replacement phone.  The battery issue seemed to be a bit better on the “new” (i.e., refurbished) phone, but my phone has gone completely non-responsive three times in 24 hours, to the point where I had to pop out the battery to be able to restart the phone.  I’m pretty sure two of those times were a battery issue, but there’s no reason that my battery should die when it was reading 60% before I talked to my mom for 30 minutes.

Last night I called Sprint (and immediately got a human to speak to, and one residing here in the States to boot), and was given several options.  I could: a) take the phone to a Sprint store, where they would probably issue me a “new” (refurbished) phone by the same maker of my current phone, or b) use my upgrade and buy a whole new phone.  I chose option b, even though I shouldn’t really be spending money on a cell phone right now.  During my conversation with the Sprint guy, he told me that phones by the maker of my current phone tend to have a lot of issues, and he confidentially told me that he wouldn’t recommend them to me.  He also told me if I bought my new phone online, I could avoid shipping charges and an activation fee, so it’s not like he was just recommending the expensive phone to get a better commission.

I was hugely impressed by the Sprint guy.  I plan on contacting Sprint and letting them know how awesome he was.

So now I’m getting an HTC Evo.  I admit I have been lusting after this phone since I first saw the commercials for it.  A friend of mine has that phone and adores it.  I have to say, I much prefer Android over iOS4.  I have an iPod, and while it’s not quite the same as having an iPhone, I don’t particularly care for iOS4.  Android gives me a lot more flexibility and control over how I want to arrange my home screen, and I love having widgets available for when I don’t want to open up the full app.  I can even check the current temperature without waking my phone up completely.

I think my old phone knows I’m getting a new phone because now it’s behaving.  It’s still reading a full charge even though I downloaded five updates to my apps this morning, plus sent several texts, plus spoke to K for a short time.  Usually I’d be down to 70% already.  It’s too little too late, though.  I’m definitely eager to get my Evo!

Off to the leasing office now.  Wish me luck.


4 Responses to “Get down and go out and just lose it all”

  1. SJAT Says:

    I am trying to de-tech in regards to phones. I currently have the oldest fashioned phone that was available at the time. If I could get one made from string, rubber bands and balsa wood, I would. Touch-Screen THIS, 21st century! (points at own butt)

  2. braingerbil Says:

    Good on you for having a photocopy of your 30 day notice! If it was me, I’d know that the copy is SOMEWHERE in my house, only to find it a month later in the car. *sigh*

    As for phones, I’m not thrilled with my current phone, but it does allow me to check things online, so I’m OK with it. I really don’t want more gadgets and stuff. No, really I don’t!

    • bluesleepy Says:

      Actually I KNEW I had a copy, but I wasn’t certain where. Luckily I had stashed it in the midst of ME’s speech therapy paperwork that piles up, since I get a form every single time she has services. This usually means I get five forms a week. Ugh.

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    Don’t you feel like a lawyer in court with a surprise bombshell when they tell you there’s no paperwork?

    “Judge, I’d like to submit Exhibit C: a signed copy of the 30-day lease notice.”

    (To the clerk) “Could you please read the text highlighted in yellow?”

    (Reads the notice with the effective date.) “Judge, this is an outrage. I move to dismiss.”

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