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Caught a snowflake on my tongue 30 January 2011

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Well, folks.  It’s that time again.  My time here in Rhode Island is now at an end.  I admit I am very sad; Rhode Island has really grown on me.  Initially the accent grated on me, but now I find it almost charming.  I still will never drop my r’s or add them where they don’t belong (Korea = Korear but career = careah), but that’s the southern in me.  Can you just imagine mixing a good ol’ southern accent with the Rhode Island one?  That way spells trouble, I am sure.  Not to mention a split personality.

I admit I am pretty much stressed out of my mind.  I really shouldn’t be; I’m not the one who’s doing the packing.  I’m so worried about how much stuff we have, but then I look around and realize I’ve done a very good job of purging over the last three years.  Just today I got rid of three full garbage bags of kids’ clothes that my girls have outgrown, not to mention the changing table that was given us when Grace was born.  Their new room in Virginia is a bit smaller, so it was necessary to scale down the amount of furniture there.  Besides, the more furniture you have, the more stuff you will accumulate.  And stuff is my enemy at the moment.

We’re scheduled for two days of pack-out and a day to put everything on the truck.  I’m guessing it won’t take that long.  It took a while when we moved from Washington, mainly because we had the garage packed full of… junk, I guess you could call it.  I’ve done so much purging and getting rid of that Kurt is insistent that we have only a fraction of what we had before.  Most of it’s in boxes anyhow, so theoretically the movers could simply mark it “owner packed” and call it good.  Nothing’s breakable in there anyhow.

I’m hoping that they won’t unpack most of my bins.  Some companies insist on putting everything in a box and carrying the bins empty, while other companies will allow you to keep your bins packed.  Clearly I’m hoping for the latter since it’ll be less work for me on the other side.  But I am not sure yet.  We still haven’t met with the movers, though they usually do a pre-move inspection of our stuff.  I guess it’s kind of clear we don’t have much, and nothing terribly valuable unless you count our Obnoxiously Large TV.  Fortunately they already know about that.

I suppose I should just quit worrying.  I’m at the point where there is very little for me to do anyhow.  I’ve got most of the stuff we’re going to need for the next couple of weeks packed up already.  I just wish I had more information.  It’s still not clear when we’ll be getting our stuff.  It could be as early as Friday of this week, but it has to be delivered no later than Monday of the following week.  I’m hoping for Friday because I really do want to watch the Super Bowl in my own house.  My parents would be fine with me hogging their TV for several hours on Sunday, but I’d rather not have to do that.

I don’t handle transitions well, is the problem.  Once I’m there, I’ll be fine.  And being here, I’m fine.  It’s the getting there that’s the issue.  But I’ll be as positive as I can manage and will everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Hey, at least I don’t have to sell my house or look for a new one once I’m in Virginia.  That’s all taken care of, so I really don’t have much to worry about.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the moving truck doesn’t go up in flames on the way down.  It happened to one of my friends.  She lost everything.  Can you imagine the conflagration all my books would cause if a fire broke out??  Yeeesh.

And now, it’s time to relax, chill out, sip my Scotch ale, and maybe read a little.  Just… breathe.  Breathe I can do, one breath at a time. Starting now.


7 Responses to “Caught a snowflake on my tongue”

  1. braingerbil Says:

    OK, in the good news part, at least you photographed your bookshelves so it would be easy to remember what you have, just in case! For me, the transition is always the fun part, especially when someone else does the packing. Just remember to take some deep breaths and all will be fine!

  2. I hate moving so I can certainly sympathize there. But you have movers… I invariably do it myself. This time G did most of the work but we both were stretched to the limits, just the same. If I had to move cross-country maybe it would be different; moving locally is bad enough for me!

  3. Lisele Says:

    Good luck with the move. My Marines son-in-law is being reassigned so my daughter is moving too. And as the wife of a man who’s career forced lots of corporate moves over the years, I can attest to the fact that the best cure for hoarding is moving frequently. Especially when strangers are witness to all the crap you accumulated 😉

  4. SJAT Says:

    Hope you’re going to have messenger access during the superbowl so that I can hassle you!

  5. purple chai Says:

    Wave as you pass through New Jersey! Or, if you’re looking for a place to stop with a clean bathroom, let me know when you’re passing through and you can stop here!

  6. Kathy Says:

    What a stressful time! I can’t wait to see how your new adventure goes!

  7. karmacat Says:

    I haz a sad.

    Friend, I am so thrilled to have met you and your wonderful family in person. Rememba, you have a place to stay in RI whenever you have a hankering for clamcakes!

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