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Rockin’ and rollin’ and tumblin’ 4 August 2008

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I guess Edison (my baby’s nickname, since we don’t know his/her gender) really enjoyed the dinner we had tonight because s/he has not stopped moving since I sat down on the couch about an hour ago.  S/he’s just rollin’ and rockin’ and tumblin’ around in my abdomen.

For those of you who haven’t been pregnant, it is a weird sensation when your baby moves around.  It almost feels as though you’ve been possessed by an alien, which is almost the truth.  I keep thinking of that movie where the alien busts through the man’s stomach.  Gross… but sometimes it feels like that’s how Edison is planning on making his/her debut!

Fortunately, Edison seems to limit the movement to when I’m sitting still on the couch, or reading just before bed.  S/he hasn’t kept me awake at night thus far.  That’s definitely a good thing, since I’ve managed to keep myself up far too late the last couple of nights.  Added to that are the night sweats I’ve been having.  I can’t even manage to cuddle underneath my blankets lately because I’m so freakin’ hot at night.

Kurt told me this morning he was contemplating covering me back up this morning when he left for work, but he decided against it.  Good thing.  I did wake up at 8 or so freezing my behind off, but my hair had been plastered against my head somewhere in the night.

It didn’t help that I didn’t go to bed till almost 2am.  I have been up really late the last couple of nights, but amazingly enough, I was not tired at all last night.  I should have been, only having gotten six hours of sleep the night before, but I guess I hit the point at which I just kept going.  There was no wall.  Tonight, there is a definite wall.  And the thing is, there is a ton more I would like to do tonight!!

Last night was my viewing of “Army Wives” with the neighborhood ladies.  We added another lady to our midst, a woman who just moved in on our street early in the week.  I had met her while she was in the middle of doing some hard labor in her house, unpacking boxes and getting things set up, so I hadn’t seen her as her most… shall we say, attractive.  Last night she’d gotten fairly dolled up, and she was absolutely beautiful!!  I have an envy of women who can do their hair and make it look like they just stepped out of a salon.  Me, I never did get that gene.  It’s frustrating.

She fit in perfectly with the rest of us, however, and we had a wonderful time talking and watching the show.  Usually once the show is over, we disperse immediately to our respective homes.  Last night the new neighbor lady and I went over to the other neighbor lady’s home, where we stayed and chatted till one freakin’ am!  Conversation ranged through all sorts of topics, most of which were not child- or husband-appropriate.  It was a very good thing that our hostess’s kids were visiting their grandparents, and her husband was on a business trip!

I may be hosting again this coming week.  I kind of want to; the plot is thickening on the show, and I think Kurt will get a kick out of next week’s episode.  He won’t watch it unless the girls are all there.  It’s too much of a “chick thing” for him.

You can’t really blame him.  It’s on Lifetime, for crying out loud!

But back to dinner.  Kurt had a softball game tonight.  The Navy has a bunch of teams representing various commands, and Kurt felt it would be a great idea to join up.  Most weeks, he plays just once, but sometimes they’ve had two games in a week.  I don’t mind going to the games because I end up talking to other wives while Grace goes off and plays with the kids.  Sometimes I even take photos of the game.

Tonight the game was at 5:30pm, which meant we weren’t going to leave the field till 6:30.  And let me tell you, neither one of us wanted to cook at that point.  But since we are trying to be a lot better about not going out to eat, Kurt came up with an excellent idea.

He calls it “Super Salad.”  It involves going to the salad bar at the local grocery store and picking up fixin’s that we wouldn’t normally have in our salad.  Tonight it was a hard-boiled egg, slices of bell pepper (all colors), mini corn, and little balls of mozzarella cheese.  I also scored some strawberries and blueberries from the salad bar.  Then we wandered by the sandwich case and spied a sandwich we had to have — a Cuban panini featuring swiss cheese, pork, and dill pickles.  Mmmm delicioso!

We brought our goodies home and threw some mixed greens (we buy it in bulk at BJ’s Wholesale) into the bowl with our fixin’s.  I also added grape tomatoes and feta, along with goddess dressing.  Kurt toasted the panini while I took some nonfat yogurt, mixed a tiny bit of Splenda into it, and chucked the strawberries and blueberries on top.  Add a glass of milk, and my dinner was ready!

Monday Night Dinner

Doesn’t that look delicious?  Super easy, super healthy, and extremely tasty.  A+++ WOULD EAT AGAIN in a heartbeat!

And now I’m off to respond to the snail mail letter I received from CardioGirl this afternoon in the mail.  I was so excited to get a real letter I think I squealed a little bit.  Yay!


12 Responses to “Rockin’ and rollin’ and tumblin’”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Speaking of mail, as soon as I get the money I’m expecting, I’ll have that package in the mail for you, with a little surprise in it.

  2. shipjumper Says:

    Oh boy do I miss the Lifetime Network! Tell Kurt it’s ok to watch it anytime….we won’t tell anyone.

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    Oh wow that does look delishious!! Mmmm! 🙂

  4. Aimee Says:

    yum. It’s hot and muggy here and a salad sounds perfect. I love that you call the baby Edison but I must know why!? How did that name start????

  5. becca Says:

    I’d have the fruit in a second. Baby 2 with me certainly loves his/her sweet and acidic things. Things I never really ate much of til I was pregnant this time round. Cravings are competely different with baby 2 so I am really wondering if it’s a girl this time round, with Matthew all I really wanted was bland savoury things like mash and boiled veg (again things I avoid as I prefer strong flavours like chillies and tomato sauces etc) though I have been craving roast dinners a bit lately too. 🙂 and baby is most active after fruit things too.

  6. yankeechick Says:

    I think it’s great that you’re getting to know some of the other wives and having some fun times with them!

  7. name withheld Says:

    i don’t know why you think that you don’t look like you just stepped out of a salon per se…. your makeup always looks great.

  8. michele Says:

    oops… sorry that last entry was from me.

  9. terri t. Says:

    Once again, you have made a simple group of ingredients into a wonderful meal. I love the pictures.

    It’s so nice that you are enjoying the neighbors and all you ladies can get together to have a girls night. I hope you can keep it up after the new baby comes….

  10. capitolady Says:

    Sounds like a fun evening with the Gals. Neat name for the baby. Are you considering making it perminate?

  11. Blue Opal Says:

    Your salad looks yummy! At least this time around I’m reading just before getting something to eat – albeit my mac n cheese can’t compete, lol. And I LIKE the name Edison. I think it would be cool to actually use that as Junior’s name after he/she is born. Though for a girl, I’d hope you’d make it a middle name 😉

  12. cardiogirl Says:

    You have me jumping up and down, Blue. I can’t wait to hear back! YEAH!!

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